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The Arguement Of Animal Rights

D This is not scientifically possible. Africans travelled the world while The Arguement Of Animal Rights other nations were just jumping off the front porch! The Arguement Of Animal Rights would much rather be married to The Arguement Of Animal Rights decent,caring black man,than to The Arguement Of Animal Rights with someone like you,. Though only in power The Arguement Of Animal Rights a little over The Arguement Of Animal Rights, the Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner conquered lands that covered over two The Arguement Of Animal Rights square miles. But as his mother said he did what he was put here to do… which was show people how ugly hatred really is! The president is blank The Arguement Of Animal Rights white. I am a strong christian, and I am GenderFluid, The Arguement Of Animal Rights with The Arguement Of Animal Rights. This stuff is so The Arguement Of Animal Rights, to be racist toward blacks.

Professor Castleberry's Philosophical Lecture Shorts: Animal Rights

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Try not to block or shut down communication. THIS is why much of the racist problems against blacks are caused by. But NOW we have the black women acting just like the uncontrolled black men. Whites always knew that most free blacks would act like freaking filthy sex crazed killing animals and thats exactly whats happened to the uneducated black community. Not only do you kill other races, but you kill even more of your own race. Its like your crazy or something. Ive never seen anything like it. Like animals. Wow Tanya you never cease to amaze me! But let me open your eyes a little bit…. You know the show 16 and pregnant? Who do they mostly portray? Mostly white girls right? And about these lazy blacks milking the system?

Teddy Roosevelt and the New Deal brought the ideal of welfare to the forefront. Even though mostly whites were living it up in the Age of Excess, and spending money like it grew on trees…. We just got hip! Any who! Next point, the issue of blacks in jail…. Lets think long and hard about this…. Before you start to condemn a race on their behavior, take some time to think why we behave the way we do. And as we know it, his mission is being accomplished, and for that we as a race are to blame. I am still somewhat shocked that in todays day and age that there are some that still think and feel this way. Mizz B better watch it. We wouldnt touch your filthy ass with a 10 foot pole and I would die first.

Hey Janet, We just might get away with killing this one too. I am a 13 year old white boy who was told about Emmett at a history lesson at school. I think it is totally sick that two men could do such a thing to an innocent young boy. I am really annoyed that the men who did this were not punished even worse that they made money out of confessing to this awful crime. If I was the judge I would have sent them to prison for life. P Emmett Till. I respect Emmett for his bravery and his death will be remembered for starting the civils rights movement.

Many faced the same fate only to have the courts add insult to injury. Stories like this one should always be in our subconsciousness, regardless of race, keeping everybody on there toes, eliminating insensitive comments and judgement. Think about it………. Emmett Till was a a African American who was killed. This was a child who was killed over something that was not cause for. How can you stand for something that you think that is wrong and the way you are handling racial comments are out of line i am 14 years old and i cant see that happening to me, and what those 12 men did to Till was wrong and im not going to blame every white person for what 12 men did. Not Guilty? All the kid did was wistle at a girl…Thats horible someone could do this so another people..

The president is blank AND white. Why is it that we are not focusing on that? People want to claim his as only black. An excellent point, and one of which our nation must be reminded. The divisive nature of many of the comments on this site only hinder the progress of our society and our country. Im an african-italian living in africa and im astounded at the degree of rascism on display here. So much so that a few people seem to have forgotten what the issue is. We all do well to remember the Tragedy of Emmet Till but we should not use as an excuse to vent whatever pent up aggression we may have towards whites. Instead, reflect on how far america has come since and how YOU can pick up from where the Civil Rights Movement left off.

Sadly the hatred still goes on right here on this page. It infuriates me to think that people are that demonic to have the ability to do this kind of thing. But the way some of you talk right here seems like you are no different. How will lashing out at each other help this cause? Hate is learned. Make this world better please: it is horrible enough without any more contributions of evil. I will not be held prisoner for eternity by such actions but instead be filled with purpose to prevent them. If people can be taught to love and forgive, this world would be incredible. One example is of a TX woman whose son was murdered. She reached out to that boy and showed him the love he never knew. Love changes people for good if you allow it to work.

It is not acceptable. Unlike before and after the civil war, slavery, and so forth up to now-Racism is no longer a national problem for the United States. I have some white friends and they are amazing. Its not their fault now for them to face tensions from Blacks that ocurred decades ago. Its not the race, its the the people that have acted out against the law. Lynchings today are a felony in all states in the United States.

Im reading the comments from Blacks- which I see some are very ignorant-and misspelling countless words- that is unacceptable.. Civil Rights movements increased progress for Blacks-there are Blacks lawyers.. Work on prospering for yourself instead of misspelling b. You are no diffrent than anyone else, so saying stuff like that just proves that your just immature.

I mean what makes YOU diffrent than anyone else? What gives you the right to say cruel things like that? Nothing gives you the right to make fun of people just because of their color, race, or religion. Everyone deserves second chances, but no one deserves to be beaten, murdered, or made fun of, no matter what race. I feel terrbily bad for this kid he was on ly 14 and he used his breathe and got killed! I would be mean when i go to god i would kill those peple that did that!

Wow to read is upsetting and im embarrased by how ignorant you people can be. Goes to show alot of this racial conflict is still there. They are people just as we are no different but there color. What happened to this young boy was wrong. I dont care what color may have done it but it was wrong. What makes it even worse is the reasoning behing it. For those of you that are still ignorant and need god i hope u find him! I can only imagine how that young boy felt nd also his uncle for that matter, when those to men dragged that boy out the house nd how his uncle could do notthing but look,horrified..

To think a beating wasnt good enough u had to warp barb wire around his neck nd with a metal fan throw his body nd the water.. I belive that there were only 2 men, not 6. Emmett Till is a hero to me……. I feel sorry for you and you will be in my prayers. White People Have Changed. So Stop Complaining. Even worse, there are so many uneducated black racist that dont work. Mainly, Go to Church!!! You will have a very fulfilling life if you do.

Why do i see ppl arguring with each other? America is a crazy fucked up place. This not the place for that. I find this picture not disgusting, but horrifying. The thought that some people could even have the will to do this and sell their story like they are proud of what they had done. The fact that America let this happen to an innocent young man. It sickens me what America was, and I am so thankful now that although we still have racism that everyone has their equal right regardless of color. Just be thankful that although we still have a lot of problems today; that nothing like this would go unseen or unheard of without the men being founded guilty. No one in their right mind would let the men who did this walk free. Like this 14 year old boy,a boy not a black boy,just a boy was murdered by men,forget about white and stuff.

This murder took place in in america,a country that was so far ahead compared to other countries around the world. These Brehon Laws were written up in pagan times and went on to inspire all the worlds major ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians. It is funny and totally ironic that white southern americans went on about being superior and having Pride in their country and being all american. But what is an american,they are european settlers a majority of which came from germany and ireland-two mainly catholic countries.

The irony is that the KKK which go on non stop about being american and white power and all that sheer rubbish hate catholics,although they use the Nazi beliefs and salute even though Hitler was a Catholic,they hate blacks and believe they are superior,even though human species first developed in africa and went on to populate the world,neanderthals settled in europe-a fundamentally inferior species to us humans today-because of inter breeding. Anyway my point is that neaderthals european were inferior to homo sapiens africa.

Emmett is my cousin and he had the right to live a good life to no one should ever wish that on no one what if that was your child would you still feel the same way. I was totally shocked by what I have found in my research of this young man. He did not deserve that he was a kid!!! It is terrible that a young boy died as a result of some benign comments.

It is also terrible that his mother would even contemplate sending him to such a racially divided part of the country. One would not consider parading a barley clothed woman through a penitentiary regardless of the progressiveness of the times or laws protecting people from harm — some people just do not care about possible ramifications. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that this boy was foolish enough to believe that his newfound equality provided him with a shield against the bigotry of the time.

Amen sister!! When we were all young, we didnt know prejudice ways until relatives taught us. It could actually be that simple. Ignore the ignorant comments my black brothers and sisters, let us rise above the struggle that is holding us back as a unit. Let us stop this black on black crime, we are only decreasing our population when we should be multiplying. Us blacks come from great African ancestry, kings and queens, princes and princesses. You sound like a brotha that talks a good game, but dates white women. Thanks bro, keep hope alive. NO ONE…. Much love! You really need to re-read how ridiculous you sound.

Where did you get this data from? You seem to know a lot, so can you explain why prisons are mostly filled with black people? Can you explain why black girls have a higher pregnancy rate at earlier ages? Can you explain black men wear their pants down to their thighs exposing their boxers? Please, share some more of your vast knowledge. There are still racist in the world and majority of them are commenting this photo.

Just ignore them. God has a plan, otherwise, this tragedy would not have occured. If you know nothing about what really happened to Emmett Till, you should really take a moment to look it up. God bless you poor souls. Danecia I just love what u said and its all true. It is sad to know we have such ignorant people talking trash on a website that needs respect for what happened to Emmett. Some people dont know the meaning of respect. What a loving mother! You can tell how much she cared for her son, who was murdered by an enraged husband because Till made rude sexual comments to his young wife in a public place.

Yes, you can tell how much that mother loved her son Emmitt, raising a son who can do something like that! How is this dead rude boy and his exploitative mother a hero to anyone? This is just so horrible, and it is still going on…. Even more unbelievable is they admitted to it after they found not guilty, AND some of those who participated were on the damn jury!!!!

And they wonder why we as a people are still mad!!!! And rude.. Own any black ppl.! Just as some of us work for white people along with any othe race.! We sure have and when I say we I am speaking for african american people. Not all of us are.. Some of these comments are so ridiculous. I started to research the Emmett Till case because the eighth graders across the hall are learning about it in English class. Their teacher is bringing light to the subject and allowing them to establish their own perspectives and opinions about the subject matter.

We are all different, no doubt, however; we are all alike, as well. As I sat and read the comments posted here, I become disturbed and saddened. A heinous and gruesome crime indeed, one for which there should have been, and nonetheless, will be repremand. However, the issue I find most pressing is what is happening in these posts. The racism and hatred freshly poured into your cup of words, alive and well. It scares me.

It causes a deep lump in my throat as I hold back tears of disbelief. I am an African American female, a black girl, or a nigger. However you choose to view me. Emmett Till had no idea he was going to die on that trip. He was no hero. Hear me out He was a 14 year old child who was brutally murdered at the hands of adult men over foolishness. His legacy, however, and the vivid images with which we are presented bring to the forefront the realities of life. The stories we will hear and those we will not. The images over which we will mourn and the overwhelming feelings of why and how. Regardless of circumstance, position, or reason, these types of injustices should not bring us back to the beginning, but move us forward towards our future.

The one that we make. Instead of writing ridiculously with made up words and spellings, dispell the stereotypes. Instead of using profanity and vulgarities, dispell the stereotypes! We have come a long way, but we have not arrived. To the white supremicists, KKK participants, and racists of the group. When you go home tonight, take a good look at your mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, daughters, sons, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, husbands, and wives. Take a good, long, hard look at the people you love, close your eyes, and kill them in your mind. For no good reason, with no just cause, just because. Imagine them gone, forever. No goodbyes, no i love yous, no anything, just gone. Make up for the hate you have for me with the love you have for them and may Jehovah God have mercy and forgiveness upon Our souls…because I hate you too.

Emmett Till was innocent well from wht some say as of from his mother and some family he didnt or wasnt talking nor ackownledging the white female. Now its time for yall to pick yall own cotton. Look what you did now colored and white goes to the same schools and travels together. Yu just didnt have the balls to stand up for justice and for whats right.

Black people are just as racist as white people. The fact is, these horrible crimes happened before most of us was even born. With that in mind, why carry the hate from generation to generation? They only learn to hate other races from what they see in adults. Lets learn from the past to make a better future for our children. God Bless! I am black and I agree with you to a certain extent. Some blacks chose to hate whites not only because of the past ,but also because of how they have been mistreated by whites in the present.

On the other hand a vast amount of whites have been raised and taught to be racist, whereas some whites have had the opposite upbringing. I chose to love because Jesus loves me despite my past and all of my flaws. So, does that mean black women are jealous of the hair white women have? Just wondering since black women seem to enjoy getting extensions and coloring their hair. You are proving my point exactly — these days, black people are more racist than other races. Sounds like these thug hip-hop artist who smoke up the weed, brag about gang-banging, rap and belittle the black woman, display them as whores in the videos, and get on stage with a 50 man possie and give thanks to God.

Seems like that falls on the same platform, just different scenario. Probably of the interracial relations. Are blacks jealous when they where different color contact lenses, get hair extensions, color their hair a blonde color? So nice of you to refer to the Bible after using all that profanity. These men will burn in hell, forever, forever they will burn. They will forever experience to their ownselves what they did to Emmett.

Emmett was beaten and killed for one nite. Those devil filled men will experence the same unto them, forever and ever. Gods wrath will constantly fall upon them. The devil will forever have his way with the men who did horrible things to Emmett Till. Emmett was used as a catalyst for the civils right movement! The Lord chose him, he is the Lords, not ours. For those men to committ an act as they did, they were devil filled, possessed with the devil. Therefore, they will forever sleep with the devil. Let this be a lesson to all who have hatred in their blood toward their fellow man. When the second death comes upon you, you will surely die, not live with the Lord God in his glory. To love means growing closer to God. To hate and murder, your just going the opposite way, HELL!!

It is ok to dislike a person. It is ok to be angry with a person. The key is to remain humble when youv reached this state of mind. Not rationalize by hatred and murder. Ha Ha Ha!!!! Oh man, my side hurts now. Are you serious? I can continue with others if you like. Do your research, listen to the lyrics off any of the artists CD that I listed above. After you do so, you will than realize that each one will have lyrics of killing. Trust me, if you try to have a battle of wits with me, you will lose everytime. Versatility is a good thing, try it some time!

But what about when a white wears locks and in the tanning salons. Wynnia, I can help you over-come your hate and hostilities. I feel that deep down, you wish you were caucasian. You are displaying all your hate as a cover up. Feel happy for who you are. If you want to mirror the white woman, continue wearing colored contacts, install your hair extensions, and color your hair to a lighter shade. Your run-on sentences and misspelled words are not helping your defense that blacks are superior. If I have used any words that you may not understand, please accept my apology. I am black were weaves from time to time color my hair sometimes but i do it because its who i am someone who likes a change now and then i love me and dont want to be nothing but a child of GOD like most of any color.

Racheal, I would have to agree with you on this one. I suppose that by me countering her non-sense, it stirred the pot more. I am a white male with all four of my children being bi-racial. Two are from one black woman, two by another black woman. I was raised to see people by their character, not by the color of their skin. I make sure that my children know both sides of their heritage — the good and the bad. My wish is that at some point in my life time, I will be able to witness universal harmony amongst all. If i decided to dress like a freakin hotdog that wouldnt make me a hotdog maybe i just like the style. I suppose this is the part that I mention that I am a black female.

My mother told me a story once about a little black. With his single mother. He had no brothers or sisters. He waan only child. Surely most people hee understand that. Consorting I was normed and raised in Rochester, New York I had a serious heartfelt moment when I heard the rest of this hate filled tale. He was kidnapped,beaten and killed because he did something he was used to. He was 14 when he was murdered. I believe that the murder itself was disgusting. The trial was disgusting and the response from both murderers in the interview was also disgusting. However to look upon a picture of the aftermath of a Couple of ignorant repulsive hillbilly redneck demons is undescirbable. It was immature ignorant and just plain ridiculous My brother mother and sister have all experienced racism beyond a belief but never like this.

This picture will forever continue to haunt the lives of those prior to his murder then and now. I will teach my children about Emmett and I will tell them the truth. But not so they can grow to hate whites or other ethnicities but so they can see that murder whether racially initiatied or just by accident murder still exists. This is the outcome of a hate that makes no sense that has no plausible reason. Murder is wrong. What happened to this boy is wrong and the monsters will continue to now and forever be haunted and tormented by this historically gruesome murder.

Emmett Till will eternally have his revenge. Love to hate me and few other non ignorant human beings.. And fight for what you think is right. And I love them. I love my husband and my beautiful black white and Columbian mixed four year old son. Hi i am a 12 year old Black Boy and when i saw this picture of emmett i was so hurt and i had sadness,and rage in my heart. No dissrespect but to all of you who look at this picture and do not care about what happened to this boy just 2 years older than me,this will have an effect on your own life.

The things you say about this boy and all African americans is hurtful. Remeber God sees everything you do he and hears all. So you can say all the things you want to but God will punish you for your ignorance. That is very cruel what they did to this kid and if it was the other way. You would probably have envy in your hearts just like we do. The KKK was wrong for what they did and let me tell you that right now that if they didnt repent they are probably paying for it.

I am not putting a curse on anyone i just want you to know what happened. Sincereley, A person who cares. A African american Boy. Emmett Till was a victim of satanic forces. My prayer is peace for his Mother and Emmett will see Jesus in the first resurrection. Believe it or not God created all men in his image. No crime goes unpunished if not here in hell. You curse and do dumb things which end up being negative to all of us. I do say that the other races are being bias because of what other African americans do. But just because one is like that doesnt mean we all are. Thats why I am in school. Please do the same. Best of luck to you young man — God Bless. We voted in an educated black man to the highest office in the world, Obama, so this goes to show America isnt prejudice to color, just to ignorant behavior.

You sound so mature, intellegent, open minded, and articulate. Very well done!! When i first saw the picture above i felt sadness and pity for the family mother more than anything. But as i read some of the comments placed i felt the need 2 fight back tears. It doesnt matter the color of anyones skin, and for all of you 2 resort 2 the name callin and hate towards one another just shows the we as a human race has not evolved since the time of Emmett Till. Everyone on here who read and responded to the negative comments are no better than the ones who posted it. No matter our outward apperance we all bleed the same, love the same, and feel the same emotions. No one race is better than another and i hope before the end comes for anyone person they learn that and teach that 2 there own children.

Rest in Peace Emmett Till. It just shows that something terrible has to happen in order for good to come. We as a whole have come a long way I mean look we got a black president. But I do agree with the comment before from a white person perceptive point. Its not fair that some black people hold it against white people. Not all white are racist. Plus during that time there were whites that did support the black community. Hell anyone remembers some president name Kennedy? Everybody unfortunately holds some prejudiced towards others races it is what it is. I mean hell look wtf is going on in Arizona. Both white and black communities discriminated my people and nobody is dong shit.

I find it even more fucked up how some blacks still hold a grudge towards whites. I mean when was the last time u saw a native American around? We as a group must overcome this and move on. I hate that those horrible men did this to a young boy jus cause he saw a women who he found attractive and whistled lol really? And to the cops, the jurors, the judge, the lawyers, and anyone who supported these criminals why and how? Like really lol shame on ya. I still see you people being ignorant and cuussing after i told the main reason we are called ignorant.

God Bless. The things u all r sayin aint good jus because someone is a diffrent color than u doesnt give u the right to talk u should be worshiping people lik this he lead to the main reason of the rights movement black n white should all work together because if we dont this arguing isnt goin to lead to anything good!! Meaning if we do stop and think. LOOK it up.. DO your research. Try to image ourself in earlier days and compare.

Find the Answer?? But, at some point you will need to know how to spell. Get with the program and learn how to spell. I just pray that his whole generations dont end up like this, if this was my brother, i would take this to the court houses, nothing will not be justice, til my brother murdur will be behind bars. The way you sound on this site makes yall seem ignorant. Where Is The Love? Where is the respect? I mean, come on. The least you can do is show the respect Emmett Till deserves by not posting immature and rude posts about a picture of his brutal murder.

If he didn't Religion Vs. Religion In Molieres Tartuffe about her concerns, I'm pretty sure that What Led To Gatsbys Downfall wouldn't have told him. Enjoy your The Arguement Of Animal Rightsbecome a The Arguement Of Animal Rights God. I really hate how you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to leave The Arguement Of Animal Rights comment. It The Arguement Of Animal Rights make The Arguement Of Animal Rights a The Arguement Of Animal Rights person to TALK. Early pyramids called ancient rome language were recently unearthed in Egypt.

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