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The airliner remained in service with TWA until 1 September During that time it was also named Star of Dublin. The Lockheed Constellation first flew in , and was produced for the U. Army Air Corps as the C With the end of World War II, commercial airlines needed new airliners for the post-war boom. The Constellation had transoceanic range and a pressurized cabin for passenger comfort.

The Lockheed L Constellation was operated by a flight crew of four and could carry up to 81 passengers. It had an empty weight of 49, pounds 22, The L was powered by four air-cooled, supercharged and fuel-injected, 3, The -BA3 was rated at 2, horsepower at 2, r. The engines drove 15 foot, 2 inch 4. The C18BA3 was 6 feet, 4. The L had a cruise speed of miles per hour Its service ceiling was 25, feet 7, meters. Designed by the famous Kelly Johnson, the Lockheed Constellation was in production from — in both civilian airliner and military transport versions. It is the classic propeller-driven transcontinental and transoceanic airliner. Field Mowing Services will get the job done professionally and competently. Steep bank mowing is any incline of land that would be too high pitched for a normal mower to be able to cut across.

It can often be dangerous, or difficult to cut grass on a steep bank with the wrong equipment. Field Mowing Services has the equipment and skill necessary to cut the grass of steep banks. Additionally, steep bank mowing also includes Retention and Detention pond mowing. We provide services up and down the East Coast. We go where you want us to mow. Click to learn more about our other services. Classified As. Why We Mow. Land Development Mowing Any plot of land that is currently being developed on but needs to be consistently maintained by order of the developer.

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