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PelГ© Birth Of A Legend

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Watchlist Added. Cari films. Put your rating. See more See less. Reviews 3. Back Replying to Cancel. Klik di sini untuk membatalkan balasan. Saya dibesarkan menonton sepak bola, aku menyukainya dan aku masih melakukannya, dan tentu saja aku mencintai bangsa saya Venezuela , tetapi Anda tidak dapat menyangkal bahwa Anda seperti Brasil untuk gaya mereka bermain, Menakjubkan Joga Bonito mereka, itu hanya menawan dan indah yang membuat Anda berpikir, bisa saya melakukan itu? Ini adalah orang yang setiap pemain Sepak bola terlihat setidaknya satu kali dalam hidup mereka, dan tentu saja bagi kita Fottball pecinta tahu ada film tentang legenda ini seperti mengatakan, ada film tentang Michael Jackson dan anda berpikir: Mereka lebih baik jangan mengacaukannya, karena dia adalah yang terbaik dalam bisnis ini dan dia layak untuk itu.

Ada Apa, Ayah? Film itu padat dalam sinematografi, itu benar-benar menunjukkan perasaan negara dan budaya mereka dan olahraga itu sendiri, casting Membuat saya berpikir beberapa kali tentang overacting, tapi aku hanya lupa tentang hal itu dan terus menonton film besar. Diego Maradona in his childhood. He often took part in the yard matches as a libero — it was only later that Diego became a forward. The team members entertained the audience between matches and provided soccer players with balls during the game.

After the match with the acting Argentinian junior champion team River Plate, Maradona was seen as the future star of the Argentinian soccer. It is peculiar that the young player scored 5 goals out of 7; he was only 10 at that time. Young Diego Maradona. Since 12, Maradona played for the Argentinian juniors. In , Diego appeared on the soccer field as the member of Argentinos Juniors; in November of the same year, the player scored his first significant goal in his career. In his first adult team, the player spent 5 seasons and transferred to another club, Boca Juniors, in In August, Boca became the Argentinian champion in Metropolitano.

Still, the player had to miss many games because of a trauma. Diego Maradona in Barcelona. Overall, the soccer player spent 2 seasons in Spain and scored 38 goals in 58 games. Maradona had to face bad luck: he had hepatitis, traumas, and conflicts with the club leader. After another argument between emotional Diego and the club president, the player wanted to buy out his contract and leave the team. This is where the Italian Napoli came in.

The results of the 7 seasons in Napoli are as follows:. Diego Maradona in Napoli. However, in March , the drug test revealed positive results; the player was suspended from the game for 15 months. Maradona did not go back to Napoli after the disqualification term was over and moved to Spanish Sevilla. He played there for a season, had a conflict with the coach, and quitted. Notable for his hot temper, Maradona did not find the common language with the coach Jorge Castillo and had to leave the team. After the infamous shooting journalists with the air rifle, Diego was imprisoned and, obviously, could not play soccer. After a year and a half break, Maradona came back to soccer.

Unfortunately, the new drug test results were positive again, and the sportsman was disqualified. After that, Maradona returned to soccer for a while, yet an injury made him end his career soon. In , several days before his 37th birthday, Diego Armando Maradona appeared on the soccer field as a player for the last time. This nickname took root after the legendary match with the English when Diego scored a goal by his hand in front of thousands of viewers.

Everybody except for the referee noticed the mistake; the goal was counted. The soccer community, especially Argentinian fans, will hardly ever forget this game — they became the champions in that year. Maradona justified his action and said it was not his hand — it was the hand of God Himself. Due to his skills obtained in his childhood, Diego had an accurate pass and left-leg and penalty kicks. He could kick from any position, score goals with his head, and do various feints; all these techniques made his style unique and unbeatable.

Diego Maradona. As he could see the field, he could perform goal passes. Fighting was his power: even if he lost the ball, he would not leave the opponent alone until the ball was not back on his territory. The wonderful movement coordination gave him the opportunity to maneuver among other players and balance himself when necessary. When he was disqualified in , the ban touched upon playing soccer only, so the sportsman decided to try himself in the sphere of coaching. For a season, Maradona coached Racing Club de Avellaneda, but there was little progress.

Maradona the coach. Despite his failures, Maradona managed to become the coach of the Argentinian national team in He worked for 2 years only but proved himself to be a decent professional. With Maradona, the club did not achieve great results but was often involved in scandals. In the dance program translated by the Italian channel RAI, Diego debuted as a dancer but had to stop participating because of some problems with the Italian authorities. He used to have a Che Guevara tattoo on his right shoulder and a Fidel tattoo on his leg. Had Maradona planned to run for some high-ranking political position, these views would have been useful for him. However, the reputation of the emotional and aggressive player of the political and sports fields was always causing him problems.

It is difficult for many people to imagine the impulsive and restless Maradona as a bureaucrat signing documents. Thus, his figure is likely to remain symbolic in the sphere of politics. The infamous drug tail that Maradona had since his playing for Barcelona caused health problems. At that time, the sportsman explained his addiction by the necessity to fit in the new environment and feel comfortable there. Later on, the player tried to get rid of his addiction in Argentinian and Cuban clinics.

In , Maradona had a hypertensic crisis because of arrhythmia. After the treatment, Diego went to Cuba where he had a rehabilitation course in a closed clinic. In April , Maradona had a heart attack. His overweight and drug addiction were the main reasons. In the photos of those times, one could see an extremely overweight person: it was hardly possible to recognize the soccer player who used to be fit. Diego Maradona managed to pull himself up; after the gastric bypass surgery and special dieting, he lost 50 kg.

In , the soccer legend stated he had shaken off his drug dependence for his daughters. It looked like he did do so, but in , he was hospitalized because of alcohol intoxication. His liver was in the critical condition, but he also managed to get over this unpleasant situation with minimum loses. The bright soccer leader gained his fame not only for his brilliant playing but also big scandals. As a result, the victim had ten stitches; Diego had to go to the court.

No matter how complicated the relations with the press were, Maradona tried himself in this sphere several times. As he finished his soccer career, he worked as a sports expert in special programs or commentator of sports competitions. In , the program won the Best Entertainment Show Award which made Maradona the person of the year. Young Diego was 17 when he dared to invite the girl Claudia to dance. Several days later, he introduced her to his parents. Maradona with his wife Claudia. The first daughter was born the year before. More than guests visited the ceremony.

After ten years of the family life, Maradona left home; five years later, Claudia filed for divorce. Nevertheless, the ex-spouses managed to remain friends. Diego recognized the boy only a month later and broke up with Veronica. He was accused of transferring Argentinian prostitutes to Italy, and the brothel owner was allegedly selling slaves together with Diego. Some people claimed Maradona had five lovers per day when he was playing in Napoli. However, this information was only a rumor: there was no confirmation or refutation. Diego Maradona and Rocio Oliva. Today, Maradona is dating year old model Rocio Oliva.

He had even a plastic surgery so that he looked younger for her. Still, there has been no marriage even though the man proposed to Oliva. In the marriage with Claudia, Diego had two daughters, Giannina and Dalma. Overall, the former soccer player has five children. Diego Maradona and his extramarital son. Not long ago, the press reported that Maradona recognized his son Diego who was born in at last. At that time, the player denied he was the father and decided to meet his son only 29 years later. He officially recognized him and emphasized they were similar. Both acts of cheating occurred when the couple was married which gives Claudia the right to apply for compensation.

All these stories made Claudia suffer so she is determined to compensate it. Despite numerous scandals and controversies, this person is a mysterious phenomenon, unique personality, and living legend. There are very few good football movies and Pele: Birth of a Legend is certainly not one of them. Brazilian teams play a style of soccer all their own. Yeah, I called it soccer. Gimmie a break. I'm an American. They call that style "ginga". It's a very fluid kind of play that emphasizes creative ball control. Some call this style of play "flamboyant". Others dismiss it as "trick plays". The Urban Dictionary's definition of ginga states, in part, "Ginga is creativity It is having fun with the ball. It is grace. It is being fluid and coordinated.

Brazil's loss was a huge upset, a phrase which also describes the emotions of Brazil's soccer fans which was basically everybody. The entire country was shocked, humiliated and demoralized. Dico's family is so poor that Dico doesn't even own a soccer ball — or even a pair of shoes, but the kid manages to develop his natural talent anyway. Under his father's tutelage, he learns ball-handling by juggling and kicking grapefruits and he plays on a local team with his friends.

Co-written and co-directed by brothers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist both working on their first feature film , the movie follows the tried-and-true pattern of most sports movies, but suffers from some minor issues of technique. The script sometimes stops short of completing its thoughts and the film is a bit over-edited, making the viewer feel like something is missing in a few of the scenes. Some characters are underdeveloped and some of the acting is shaky, but the main characters especially D'Onofrio, Jorge and de Paula all give strong performances.

In spite of the film's lack of originality and other relatively minor problems, the Zimbalist brothers and their cast and crew give us plenty to shout about during the film's third act and leaves us with important lessons about determination, resilience and playing to our strengths, as well as the importance and strength of diversity. This is a truly wonderful film that all the family can watch. Kevin de Paula is excellent as Pele and all the supporting cast were just brilliant. There are some truly funny moments and also some sadness.

The actors who played members of the Brazilian football team were first class and looked like they could genuinely play, but Kevin de Paula's skills were outstanding and it was like looking at the real Pele. Over all a wonderful movie about a man for whom the word legend really does apply. Loved this movie so much and I am sure I will watch it many times. This is probably the most successful movie that focuses on soccer. A true story of a boy with nothing who became the world's greatest soccer player. No famous actors in this film except for Vincent D'Onofrio.

But the movie doesn't need famous actors to attract the attention of the viewers, it's beautiful story is what attracted me in the first place. Along with the music composed by A. Rahman That follows the emotion and scenes throughout the film. The movie is also a story of restoring honor and hope to a full nation. Only it is sad that today Brazil's soccer team can't be as great as it was back then.

So this film brings a lot of nostalgia towards the past and a better hope for the future. I am hoping to see other movies about soccer like this one in the future, maybe a movie about Neymar or Messi. It is not a good sports movie, but it is definitely a great entertainer if you are looking for something really frivolous to go with your frolic mood. It seems to have been helmed for those who aren't really big fans of the game. Things that were pulling him down were all around him, and despite all the odds he shone through. The movie tries to capture his street football shenanigans, adds in some humour, a pinch of dramatic spices and tries to bring in the forefront the popular Brazilian Ginga style that was Pele's USP.

You constantly see drops of frustration on Pele's brows, which really takes a toll on your spirits. If you are really looking for something extraordinary to happen given the mammoth sports figure he is, the movie lets you down so many times, you constantly wonder if something out of the box is going to happen. Even though it does, it is nothing akin what happens in a gut-wrenching live sports match. Leonardo Lima Carvalho was a pleasant find. He made young Pele really endearing. His group shenanigans were a delight to watch.

The starting bits of the movie were the best moments I would say. Even Seu Jorge who played Dondinho was great. Vincent D'Onofrio unfortunately had very little to play with in his baggage, but he performed his bits nicely. When in the middle of the game players go in bullet mode to have a look at each other, you can almost imagine how implausible its dramatic elements must be. But that's about it. Eventually you get to see one game in Pele: Birth of a Legend, but then it is smitten with so much melodrama that sports simply gets lost in those pointless close-up frames. Nothing wrong with watching it once though. Embracing your true self.. I remember watching this on an airline when I was arriving back home it was really good but I forgot like half cuz I was dead tired so now I have come back to review it.

Solid story that was summazrized excellently of the upbringing of Pele until the end of the World Cup. Good music and visuals. This movie is more than just a football movie it is the short autobiography of one of the greatest football players in history. Even if you don't watch football or sports in general, it teaches us about how we need to be ourselves no matter the circumstances and situations. To embrace who we truly are because if you do that you will be the best possible version of yourself. Touching and inspiring.. Memorable: Somewhat. Rewatchable: Yes. Adele 27 February It is not really a documentary. It is good. I would recommend this to people interested in football. While the film serves to get a sense of how the slum's kid became an instant legend, it's only a small portion of his great story.

One decision that I consider terrifyingly unfortunate is that although the actors are mostly Brazilian, the language used is English, which removes part of the realism and authenticity of the film and almost seems to have been 'dubbed' in a really bad way: it becomes very distracting and certainly downgrades the acting! The dialogues are very bad especially in the first half of the film and surely the writers used some 'historical freedom' for cinematic effect.

A very positive point is the cinematography full of vivid colors. On the other hand would have preferred a less Hollywoodian style and a more traditional one, but taking into account the target audience I understand that decision. I know it's not a documentary and it's just a movie serving well its purpose for entertainment, but it's also far from being the ultimate videobiography, at least for me. Yes, I know this movie follows every beat of every cliched sports movie about the underdogs. And I know it's a heavily fictionalized version of history. But 1. They didn't make that stuff up about the actual World Cup games - that stuff is up on Wikipedia to look up.

Football really is that big a deal and part of the culture of Brazil. Pele really was a football wunderkind. My dad used to tell me stories about Pele and his ginga style of play. We're from Bangladesh. A country that is madly in love with Brazil and also Argentina every time the World Cup rolls around. Brazil is a huge deal to the people of Bangladesh because here are some folks who look like us, who grew up in the slums, who are beating these white European folks whose ancestors colonized us all.

I wasn't expecting it from this movie, but it touches on race relations, class relations, and the effects of the Portuguese colonization in Brazil. The fact that so many of them are mixed race is constantly brought up by the Europeans. This is the s, so of course it is. But despite being mixed race, those who are black are aware of their African heritage and we learn a brief history of the ginga style and those who are white are aware of their European heritage.

Unfortunately, the new pelГ© birth of a legend test results were positive coca cola product life cycle, and the sportsman was disqualified. Following the pelГ© birth of a legend end to pelГ© birth of a legend World Cup, Maradona returned to club football. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Posted by MichaelSwisy on PelГ© birth of a legend 24th,

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