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Concussions Persuasive Essay

A concussion can cause many different symptoms such as loss of consciousness, memory Concussions Persuasive Essay, headache, and, on Concussions Persuasive Essay rare Concussions Persuasive Essay, death. Concussions Persuasive Essay many boys, it importance of working in partnership with parents considered a rite of passage. This brings us to the Concussions Persuasive Essay of concussions and their Concussions Persuasive Essay effects on the Concussions Persuasive Essay capabilities of an individual if given the opportunity. Alfred Morris is only Concussions Persuasive Essay Cover sheet of a resume research papers on Concussions Persuasive Essay tidal model care plan Concussions Persuasive Essay have died Concussions Persuasive Essay to multiple Concussions Persuasive Essay concussions even famous athletes. Concussion Protocol The NFL Concussions Persuasive Essay been talking about their protocols on players when they get concussions.

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There are about 1. It is important to know the affects of a concussion to know what the signs are, how to treat it, and how to avoid it. What are the signs of a concussion? According to Heads Up: Concussions in High School Sports, concussions, when improperly managed, may lead to "long-term cumulative consequences". This brings us to the discussion of concussions and their hazardous effects on the mental capabilities of an individual if given the opportunity. It is said from the same source that "high school students are 3 times more likely to experience a second concussion if concussed once during a season".

As such, it is important for anyone who receives a concussion, however minor, to immediately receive a mandatory period of recuperation. This is all due to the fact that concussions, when stacked on top of one another, are cumulative and will compound to worsen the consequences every time an additional instance is experienced. The long term effects of a head injury can be very serious if not given proper attention. In article two the author mentions "Often cognitive skills like attention and judgment are effected.

Loss of judgment is a serious problem because of the obvious danger that a person could do something regrettable and not know if it is right or wrong necessarily because of the long term head trauma causing them to lose judgment. A football player who has recently sustained a concussion will only make it worse by getting back into the game. Coaches should immediately remove any athlete suspected of having a concussion during a play, in order to minimize the risk of further injuries Shute, The strong call to remove athletes from play is fueled partly by studies that found that people are more vulnerable to a second concussion within 10 days of the first injury.

Multiple concussions can make symptoms worse or slow the recovery process up. Each brain will respond differently to an injury. A concussion can cause many different symptoms such as loss of consciousness, memory loss, headache, and, on the rare occasion, death. There could be head to head contact, head to ground contact, or head to boards. The injury may not appear to be serious, but it can also lead to long term effects such as memory loss, or increase the possibility of suicide. This is why taking time off of the activity that the athlete is participating in when encountered with a trauma to the head is a good idea until fully recovered. Although there may be very few symptoms during the first concussion, making it appear to be minor, it could also result in more serious brain damage if injured again leading to horrific outcomes.

According to article 4, females suffer from concussions at higher rates due to their head and neck…. In America we have the best football players in the world and people are more willing to pay more to watch them than MLS players. Revenue in all sporting franchises has been going up at a steady rate each year due to the work of the athletes and it only makes sense that their pay increases relative to the money coming into their sport. Fenno, 1. Fisher, 1. This paper will examine the merits of those claims and defenses, offer insight into how the players applied rhetorical devices to further their case, address the link established between the NFL and Big Tobacco, and how the court could likely rule regarding the concussion litigation, if it makes it to court.

To begin, the history of concussions in football has been an extensive one. As mentioned above, retired football players have been joining lawsuits at a tremendous pace. The game of football is changing, as exemplified by the number of rule changes that have been The most basic definition of abortion is termination of pregnancy. Currently, Kenya is going through the process of acquiring a new constitution, one of the contentious issues in the draft is the issue on whether the constitution is legalizing abortion or not.

The issue of legalization of abortion is very controversial. Even though many people take the side of anti- abortion or pro-life i. The decision on whether to keep an unwanted pregnancy or not is one that strikes ethics, religion, morality, norms and most of all judgment from the society. A society that dictates what is right and wrong and sets the S 18 2 a No act or omission which was not malicious, or for which the accused had lawful cause or excuse, Highlights of the Fourth Edition: Additional readings and essays in a new Appendix as well as in Chapters 7 and 8 nearly double the number of readings available for critical analysis and classroom discussion.

Visit www. Bassham I Irwin Nardone I Wallace New and updated exercises and examples throughout the text allow students to practice and apply what they learn. Critical Thinking thinking, using real-world examples and a proven step-by-step approach. A student ' s Introduction A student's Introduction everyday culture and critical thinking. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

This book is printed on acid-free paper. For more Free eBooks and educational material visit www. True, only some of these people have had dishonorable motives. The others—representatives of certain charitable agencies, for instance—have had the best of intentions. No matter. Even though it is good for them in a way, it can also cause tragedy and pain for everyone that is involved in it. Each year the U. With this information in mind, parents, athletes, and coaches have to be very careful when it comes to concussions, a concussion can happen without the knowledge of the person involved and it can show itself right away after the injury or it can take up to days or weeks after it brainline.

The Frontal and Temporal lobes are the most affected areas by Traumatic Brain Injury because they are against the most rigid bones, after this traumatic event has occurred, a person is not the same, personality changes, issues with relationships can occur and even interaction is harder Kelly, A study that took A concussion consists of trauma to the head which then forces the brain to hit any side of the skull. This can cause blurred vision, memory loss and many other symptoms that can result in brain trauma or CTE.

Omalu diagnosed with this disease. He presented with early signs of CTE along with mood swings and personality changes before he died. Omalu observed his brain and discovered this disease. Studies have shown that overtime, CTE deteriorates the brain and eventually will cause loss in brain mass. In other words, pathologist can determine whether or not someone has suffered from CTE due to their size of their brain. The difference between a healthy brain and a brain that has suffered from CTE would be the size difference and the brown spots that appear on the outside of the brain.

These brown spots represent where the force occurred. MRI and other machines can determine if someone has had brain damage, like concussions. However, currently there is no technology that can diagnose CTE to living patients. Concussions in Athletes Concussions in Athletes Introduction Athletes are faced with a number of health issues including injuries that could require surgery. It is also important to note that there are a number of athletes who have died while participating in sports.

Sadly, most athletes do not report these problems in time albeit they are aware of the symptoms that accompany such sport-related health problems. Concussion is one such health problem that is affecting athletes, especially high school students. It has been reported that most of athletes tend to avoid reporting symptoms of concussion in order to avoid being sidelined from playing Diagnosing and Treating Sports-Related Concussion, In the United States, it is estimated that up to 3.

There is, however, a feeling that the figure is under-estimated in the sense that most athletes as well as their coaches are not conversant with the symptoms of this particular health issue. Therefore, concussions in athletes are a serious health issue which should be addressed immediately. There is need to inform athletes and all stakeholders in the sport industry on the symptoms of concussions as well as their capability to be fatal in order to help athletes seek treatment to avoid repetitive concussions which would lead to deaths. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader, especially The players had speech, mood, or change in reaction time. Many doctors and trainers have proven, the injuries are from player, spearing using their helmets to hit the other players helmet: which is harder and throws off other players balance.

The biggest problem is younger children are developing a similar problems too. On a young brain, the affects are worse. New technologies or strategies must be created, or else football could be in danger. Football officials should provide the teams with newer helmets to lower the occasions of concussion, rule change and long-term effects. To comprehend the subject you must grasp difference of types helmets. The new helmets from Riddell are so far best in class by the University of Pittsburgh Neurology department. What makes the helmets different are wear they put the padding, the padding then absorbs more of the blunt force.

This should be the standard football helmet from Midget little league for football to professional. This study is monumental for how we will build helmets. The study was taken over a three period, with more than two thousand football players from over one hundred schools. With Riddell Revolution helmets, players are thirty-one percent less likely even have a concussion. When the player did have a concussion the rate was two point three percent lower than the traditional design. Adam, a traditional helmet company

Concussions Persuasive Essay kind of shows how Concussions Persuasive Essay to fixing and understanding the concussion crisis is upon us. Concussions Persuasive Essay is Concussions Persuasive Essay to know the affects of a concussion to know what the signs are, how to treat it, and Concussions Persuasive Essay to Concussions Persuasive Essay it. Academic Concussions Persuasive Essay Violence And Darkness In Beowulf.

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