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The scientific process should welcome scrutiny and debate on serious questions like this, and then you have a hypothesis, and you break the hypothesis, and you produce evidence and reasonable argument. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi held a press conference on April 22nd about the results of testing they conducted at their urgent care facilities around Bakersfield, California, the video, uploaded by a local ABC news affiliate, went viral.

What we discovered were reasonable and well-meaning professionals whose voices should be heard. Episode 5: A Conversation with Dr. By turns emotional and darkly comic, Wittkowski ranges across all the essential topics of the crisis, and gives answers unlikely to be reflected in major media. So that was nothing new when it also happened in Seattle. We had the very early experience, in Seattle, of a couple of people, old people with comorbidities, dying in a nursing home. At that point in time, one should have isolated at least the nursing homes. Pay the nurses and everybody working there overtime so that they can stay there for three or four weeks. Sorry, my voice is breaking because I think that is a tragedy. This opportunity was missed.

Instead, people were isolating the children, who are not at risk at all. To isolate those who are not at risk, and put those at risk who are at risk, is a catastrophe. You could have made all of these people millionaires, and there would be a lot of money left, and we would have really protected the virus from getting into the nursing homes and killing those who are the most vulnerable. And that means we have increased the risk of the elderly to become infected. Because you cannot isolate yourself for extended periods of time.

Isolation for a short period of time is easy. Episode 4: Update with Dr. John Ioannidis discusses the results of three preliminary studies, including his latest showing a drastically reduced infection fatality rate ; the worrisome effects of the lockdown; the Swedish approach; the Italian data; the ups and downs of testing; the feasibility of "contact tracing", and more. Ioannidis does not have a political agenda, nor does he favor making money over saving lives. He is simply the best respected epidemiologist and meta-statistician in the world. The work of Dr Ioannidis is part of a growing army of data, including the revised estimates of Imperial College and the CDC, not to mention the original work of Dr.

Fauci himself , that make that conclusion clear. Episode 3: A Conversation with Dr. David L. In other words, nature had already-or-nearly achieved, herd immunity. Prof Wittkowski urges schools open now so the virus may spread harmlessly among the young, and thus shorten the amount of time elderly and immune compromised must be sequestered. John P. Ioannidis is C. He cautions we do not have reliable data to make long-term decisions about COVID and an extended lockdown might have far graver effects than the disease itself. It had not been tested on children. Subscribe to the Pandemic Podcast mailing list: danjgregory. These are authorized under an experimental—this is a trial, this is a human trial.

This is a giant experiment I told you about the Family Financial Disclosure Form. One of the things that was happening was our subscribers had people in their family who wanted to take [the injection]. As an investment advisor the way I first got interested in what was happening with vaccination was I had so many families come to me who had been destroyed by vaccine injury. Not just somebody in the family being harmed by vaccine injury, but then the family being hurt financially or bankrupted by vaccine injury because a vaccine injured child can cost you over a lifetime one to five million dollars.

This kind of planning makes a lot of sense for families to do. But it has links to all of the inserts for the injections. And then it gives examples of all the different kinds of adverse events The number one thing I think you need to do is you need to learn how to protect your mind from mind control. And that technology is using entrainment, subliminal programming, all kinds of propaganda and disinformation. What we each need to be productive is we need our own minds and we need to be coherent.

We need to think for ourselves. We like to make sure that all the basics are available for free Then finally you need to find a way to build a life and a strong financial life, a strong balance sheet and a strong income statement divorced from this establishment. You need to find a way of generating income that helps people and lift them up and builds a human culture, as opposed to depopulates people or puts poison in their veins or any of these other crazy things. Make sure you create the skills and life you need making the world a better place to be instead of making money liquidating human populations. So stop making money on tyranny. Stop investing in it.

Stop banking with them. And yet the majority of Americans still bank with the owners of the central banks that are doing this. Why are you banking with them? There are a lot—in America, we still have a ton of great community banks and credit unions. Why are you buying these stocks? Why are you financing these people? Why are we building our own prison? Stop building your own prison. Just start doing something useful. Get the corporate guys out of your balance sheet. Get them out of your income statement.

Get them out of your mind. Get them out of your body. Get them out of your money. Just get them out. I call it—if you come into Solari again—this is free—we have a wonderful piece called Coming Clean: Building a Wonderful World. Junious is unique in his ablity to integrate what is happening across many sectors of economics and politics. His focus on leadership—given his mastery navigating propaganda and multiple realities—is helpful in addressing the challenges we each face.

Junious and I discuss how the divide and conquer tactic, a key to military and intelligence strategies for millennia, is now being applied to a new set of domains. Whether it is gender, politics, or simply behaviors such as wearing masks and observing social distancing, divide and conquer tactics are an integral part of the economic warfare of the Going Direct Reset. The question is: How can we see the manipulation and go beyond this divisiveness? So it is a multifacited assault on our divinity. For some reason, which I don't understand but which I deeply appreciate, there are certain people who just don't disappear into the cult. You're one of them. What is it? There are people who just don't disappear into the cult that seem to find a way of staying interested, staying grounded, staying coherent and continuing to look for reality.

Junious Ricardo Stanton: I think, there's something you always—for me it's a search, a quest for truth and a lot of that is spiritually-based. I'm not talking about religious dogma. I'm just talking about spirit world. If you're in tune—if you trust your intuition—and the older I get, the more I trust my intuition and my one regret is that I didn't do it when I was younger. But, all I have is now. So those people who intuitively know that something;s wrong—and most of us do. Most people do. It's just that they don't want to be ostracized. They don't want to be mocked.

They don't want to be made fun of. My mother used to always tell me, You have to have the courage of your convictions. There are a lot of people who know but they don't want to step out there. Because they're afraid. But actually in the diagnostic world, in PCR you would never diagnose with just a positive or negative. You have to actually sequence What is the test measuring?

So the legislation of all the lockdown and the so-called pandemic and public health emergency is based on the causative agent of Covid being a coronavirus. If those sequences are not SARs-CoV-2, which would be I think a biological impossibility in January , that then we can say to the government—and I am intending to take an injunction in Ireland to the High Court—if the sequences come back as Influenza that the government cannot be reporting cases as Covid or Coronavirus. They have to be Influenza. And the medical doctors cannot be putting causes of death because they are required to treat people based on whatever the causative agent is and they can be struck off.

But also they can be sued under medical negligence by people who have false diagnosis. If they are spending money and the tests are not detecting the causative agent, SARS-CoV-2, then they are engaging in fraud. That is malfeasance in public office which is a crime in Canada, Ireland, UK, America, five-to-ten years. So any indemnity they may have had does not apply if they have not done their duty of care to check that the testing was correct.

So the way to actually bring down the lockdown is to actually sue personally the person that is requiring you to do the test, the manufacturer of the test, the hospital, and the doctor and the advisory committees, individually, and the ministers and prime ministers. So we will be launching—we might take a number of precedence cases—but we would be and I was on three zoom calls yesterday with about 50 countries telling them that every country should be launching the sequencing of the PCR tests themselves. And we will be spearheading it obviously, and I will be.

So that would of course be potentially commercial fraud, diagnostic fraud. But individual people can sue the doctors and the way to target it is to sue them individually or their insurance. Their aim of is to open up broader debate regarding the coronavirus measures. The references provided on their websites make it clear that the measures e. So much so that democracy is being taken over by a medical dictatorship. Mean mortality is now estimated at 0. Statement: The current corona measures cause more damage than they try to prevent. The collateral damage in the social, economic, physical and psychological areas is enormous and is disproportionate to the intended or necessary protection against the virus.

Goal 3: Lifting restrictions on freedoms and fundamental rights. Thesis: The threat of the virus no longer justifies restrictions on freedoms and fundamental rights. Vulnerable people deserve extra attention. Measures may only be applied in consultation and on the basis of free choice. Based on scientific evidence where possible. Goal 4: Clarify the purpose of the measures Statement: The original goal flattening the curve has long been achieved. Goal 5: Discontinue use of the PCR test in people who do not have flu symptoms.

Goal 6: Government policy should primarily focus on health promotion. Excerpts: So we have very little evidence on interventions that are used in large scale across entire populations, entire countries, much of the world in a setting of a pandemic like COVID In the case of a pandemic, you have like a complete mess of very fast moving science peer review being subverted probably by zealots sometimes who want to accept papers that fit their worldview immediately, and not accept or destroy papers that are proving that their thoughts and ideas and ideologies are wrong You know, Einstein in again, you would have a single vote for his new theories. However, you may reach the situation where you may see that politics is subverting science, that politics is is taking control of science in different ways.

And what we have seen in the Covid setting, we have seen that scientific positions were espoused by specific entities in the political divide. So if you were to claim that you believe in X, you would be immediately classified as conservative or progressive, or, you know, Trump supporter or Biden supporter. And again, I think this is completely ridiculous because you know, science is not dictated by politicians, by parties. It should not be an issue of political divide So having that whole political turmoil super-imposed on science really creates a very difficult situation. And obviously then you get all the methods of politics, including lobbying, including subversion, including smearing of opponents, including fake news, including social media campaigns, including distorted journalism, that are infused into science, and that can be devastating I think that the people who apply these measures are well intentioned.

And you have the counter argument here that some of these leaderships feel that they need to respond to that quest for maximum measures. But I think that this is getting to the point of some sort of psychopathology, and we know that even under a normal circumstances, a very large share of the population has phobias for pathogens. We know, because we had 34 lawyers on the ground, [we] were cooperating with members of the police force.

We know it was way more than a million. Every German will always remember this. When he first published a preprint, where he wrote a preprint on January the 30th [ Transmission of nCoV Infection from an Asymptomatic Contact in Germany , New England Journal of Medicine ; ] about how this woman from Wuhan came to Frankfurt and infected a lot of people without her having any any symptoms; that was wrong. There was a journalist by the name of Kai Kupferschmidt who pointed this out and said, Hey this is wrong.

But still he published his paper without correcting this. So what you have here is lie number one: There can be infections without symptoms so that everybody here is afraid of everybody even though nobody shows any symptoms, nobody is seriously sick. And the second lie is the PCR tests, with their positive results, tell us about infections.

And there you have it. In some ways it is completely comparable to the propaganda under the Nazis, actually—and I can defend that claim which may sound inflammatory to some people. There is no scientific or medical justification for demanding that healthy people wear masks during a pandemic. This has never happened in the history of pandemics. There were a few cities out west during the so-called spanish flu pandemic , a few cities passed local ordinances, municipal ordinances requiring people to wear gauze masks. Now you and I can discuss this evidence like adults.

All too many chronological grown-ups of my acquaintance, highly educated liberal people, progressives, critical of the media, etc. They just become angry or they shut down. I mean it is the damnedest thing and I think it has to do with the fear of death and we can get into the deeper reasons for this resistance. But the CDC itself just quietly released a report finding that the vast majority of new Covid cases were people who always wore cloth masks.

Not just sometimes, but the most religious maskers tended to be more susceptible to Covid I think it was out of subjects in this study. They cause hypoxia which is deoxygenation which can cause brain damage. It certainly impairs short-term memory. And here we have a mandate that includes children in school all over the country. I mean, this is grotesque. It causes hypoxia. And maybe even more important it weakens your immune system. The lungs are an excretory organ, like the bladder or the colon. The lungs naturally expel pathogens from the body, pathogens that your body wants to get rid of.

So what we have going on now because of this propaganda is a kind of global medical experiment on healthy populations as people are spending hours and hours wearing masks, even outdoors, even during exercise. Dentists are discovering all kinds of gum infections. Let me just say one last thing about the health effects. This is a federal agency. One of the few honest ones which has the job of making sure that workplaces are safe for workers. They regard mask wearing as a serious issue because if you have asthma, if you have diabetes, if you have COPD, if you have hypertension, if you have heart disease, you should not ever be made to wear a mask.

You are federally exempt because of those conditions. So how do these governors and mayors and Dr Fauci and the rest of them, the World Health Organization, how is it that they all demand that everybody wear masks? That even children over the age of two, as in many states, wear masks? This is not just ill-advised, this is downright perverse. The same is the case with this big push to get people to get flu shots in advance of the second wave. There are many many studies by now , one conducted by the Department of Defense , one in the British Medical Journal , finding that flu shots increase the risk of acute respiratory infection significantly.

There have been some studies of how many people in Northern Italy had had flu shots —the people who got really sick—and the answer is a lot of them, maybe all of them. The level of false positives is really startling and the New York Times of all outlets ran a piece on August 29th saying that up to 90 percent of positive tests may be false positives. Miller, a tenured NYU professor of media and communication, is now under attack for doing what all excellent teachers do: modeling open-ended inquiry, critical questioning, independent research, and the consideration of political events from multiple and often conflicting points of view.

Read on, and please consider signing the petition in support of Professor Miller. The background story on all this is at News From Underground. Propaganda wants to monopolize all the space around it. It wants to monopolize every mind within its reach. It wants no contradiction. The press now is no more reliable or honest or conducive to the general good than the press in Nazi Germany. You can see entries in which he describes these disorienting moments when he sees that everything the German people were being told was completely false and something that everybody outside Germany knew to be false. AHRP serves as an information resource and public interest watchdog organization whose goal is to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor.

AHRP Infomails have a wide following: they are read by physicians and scientists, public health officials, journalists, lawyers, and patient advocacy organizations. Persuasion refers to oratory in ancient Greece and Rome where there would be different speakers propounding different positions and the audience would make up its mind as to which one to believe. Propaganda wants to monopolize the space. It wants no disagreement. It wants no contradiction and it will do everything it can to prevent it. I remember during the attacks on Andy Wakefield , over his study noting a correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism in children, that Gates was there, I think [with] Anderson Cooper or some other shill, tearing into Doctor Wakefield.

He has badmouthed Bobby Kennedy in meetings with Trump. This is a matter of public record. Would Gates ever debate either of these guys? Never in a million years. But the point is his intolerance of disagreement is typical propaganda generally. That it does not want anyone to cast a shadow on its narratives Beginning at I agree with Bobby Kennedy, Jr. Propaganda depends, for its most effective work, on fear. Modern propaganda dates from World War I.

This is the first time that states engaged in the systematic incitement of their populations, specifically the UK—Britain and the United States. They had to do this to win popular support for a war that nobody really understood the reasons for because the reasons were kept secret. And a war that was going to be an unprecedented slaughter because it involved such technical innovations as barbed wire and tanks and poison gas and land mines. We can add to the list of lethal innovations from that war, modern propaganda.

Governments had been doing propaganda for centuries but now it was a real science with a tremendous amount of technical advantages. The British were extraordinarily adept at this and taught Hitler plenty. He says this in Mein Kampf , that he learned about proper propaganda practice from the British, based on fear. Fear and anger. So you are deliberately and systematically filled with dread and hatred, for a long time, dread and hatred of some enemy. Some national enemy. They called the Germans, The Huns. Even though Germany was the last to mobilize and did everything it could to avoid the war, they were cast as the aggressors.

Arthur Conan Doyle took part in this and others. It was called the Bryce Committee. Lord Bryce ran this committee that oversaw these bogus depositions with supposed eyewitnesses to these atrocities. And the New York Times , let me say, went ape with this. They ran with this. They have a really sordid history, the Times does, of jumping headlong into every major propaganda drive the state has waged since then and probably before then. They also played down the Holocaust, scandalously, for complicated reasons. A very good book. They also were pro-Stalin throughout the thirties. They were apologists for Stalin. It was one thing to demonize Germany or Japan after Pearl Harbor or any national enemy, throughout the Cold War, do it to the Soviets, etc.

There was a big, a great leap forward with , because we now went from fearing some particular nation, or the Communists who were already imagined as being under every bed in the fifties at a time when there were very few actual members of the Communist Party and I think half of them were FBI agents. Now it was terrorism. It was terror, the war on terror. Terror is even more imprecise than communism. Terror, the war on terror — What is that? And where are they? Who are they? Well they could be anywhere. So that was the beginning of exacting mass compliance to onerous travel restrictions and taking your shoes off at the airport. Stuff like that. Even then, already, educated people were shying away from asking any questions about that. But some did.

But this is a whole new ball game or team. This is terror of the virus. The virus. The dreaded corona virus which could be anywhere. Which could be on any surface. Which could be floating in any air that you might pass through including out in the sunlight, in the street. Somebody could jog past you and infect you with this fatal virus. This is all fantasy. Some kind of lab-created concoction.

That story comes right out of the ending of the movie, Contagion, if anyone has seen that. But any other congregation is forbidden. Certainly any protests against lockdowns are forbidden. Going to church is forbidden. Going to synagogue is forbidden. Weddings are forbidden. Funerals are forbidden Well, Fox News is very propagandistic. But for me to be saying that Fox is a far more reliable outlet on this crisis than the Times , is really pretty significant. I should say the buttons of the left.

This civilization denies death. This is taking a catastrophic toll on countless people, exponentially more people than have succumbed to Covid They think that this is the big, this is death. The Grim Reaper is Covid You become more firmly wedded to your assumptions and beliefs, your tribal feelings. We become children. We want Mommy and Daddy to protect us.

As I note in the essay , three teenagers in China who were running laps in their gym classes with masks on dropped dead in the late spring. This was reported throughout China and Japan. I also had a Chinese student find three other news items in China about three adults, two of whom were doing their morning exercises in masks and dropped dead and one of whom slipped into a coma may be dead by now I have no idea. This news was covered in Asia but not here. Why not? When OSHA—just go on the OSHA website —has very strict stipulations about the workplace and when populations should not be asked to mask, the media never mentions any of this.

These terrified people, skulking through the streets with these masks on, often in the heat, they see somebody without a mask on and their instinct is to attack them and shame them, scold them and report them. This is beyond grotesque. This is the opposite of what a government that cares about the health of its people would do. And the more people are confronted with the evidence that the narrative is false, the stronger we become at acting to prevent it en masse. This is permitted protest. This is state-sanctioned protest.

Goldman Sachs is telling us that Black Lives Matter. Mitt Romney thinks Black Lives Matter? Big investor in private prisons? And I think that there are a lot more people than we realize who get that. There are a lot more people than we think who get it. This was outright, explicit fascist police behavior or they were following fascist orders. This is Great Britain. This is not China. And this is a guy who was going to speak to an assembly of British citizens out of a position of medical authority and experience and they just arrested him.

I think that the heart of the real revolutionary resistance is going to be the parents of vaccine-injured children. The more vaccinations they give, the more of these toxic vaccinations they give, the bigger those numbers are going to get. It runs out of people to infect. It mutates and becomes weaker. The more people who test positive—although the tests are a complete joke—the better. Most cases are asymptomatic and most people are becoming immune to it without a vaccine.

This is all so elementary. Knowing that healthy people have never been quarantined in any previous pandemic. Not even the so-called Spanish Flu. There were a few cities out west during that flu, or that illness, that had mask ordinances. They wanted people to wear gauze on their faces. But this is unprecedented. But you see, the fear, the fear of death, the terror, the panic, has people with functional minds acting like morons.

Fauci to save them. Even in the classroom, now. So this is a turning point. But I think we are obligated, look. We can look back at certain moments and all agree, at this comfortable distance, that the acquiescence of the Germans is appalling. Those good Germans. How could they? How did they feel afterwards? What did they say? What did they say to themselves? What did they tell their children? What did they do? So are we. Discovering the hidden narrative behind the covid pandemic Prof Mark Crispin Miller , , mp3 , Progressive Commentary Hour with Gary Null, Progressive Radio Network , 22 Sep Prof Mark Crispin Miller is a professor of media, culture and communications at New York University where he specializes in modern propaganda, history of advertising, film and the mainstream media.

He is the lead chief editor of the series Forbidden Bookshelf at Open Road Media, which republishes important books that have been censored, banned, ignored or wrongly criticized in the course of American history — such as works by IF Stone, Lewis Mumford, Peter Dale Scott, Christopher Simpson and others. So what does that say? Society has a hard time facing truth sometimes, especially with the nasty issues At the end of the day we devolved from a monarchy and favor rather than merit, an affiliation to a political tribe or any kind of tribe, takes precedence over rationality in our society. I say, Why would I trust governments? I see governments as an institutional manifestation of the beast and homo sapien.

Only governments have engaged in the following endeavors: war, genocide, crimes against humanity, massive persecution based on a rational basis. Masking Unmasked! Kennedy spoke in Berlin nearly sixty years ago. They wear a mask and a face shield and goggles as well as booties, gloves, and a gown. I know nurses, I know one in particular who worked at Elmhurst Hospital, the notorious epicenter of the epicenter, she served there for a month as a volunteer from Florida and she knows all about this. She explained to me what precautions they took. There was a study in the British Medical Journal , I think in , which warned against the use of cloth facemasks by health care professionals because they tend to be infectious.

They trap bacteria. They retain moisture. Now we have a moment where healthy people all over the world are being required to wear masks which not only will fail to protect them but which actually compromise your health. It actually weakens your immune system. It induces conditions such as hypoxia, which is a de-oxygenation, which makes you irritable and dumber. Zach Vorhies became a whistleblower after he discovered what he believed to be high crimes committed by Google against entire nations, including the United States.

Google sent the police after Zach when they discovered he had taken over pages of documents from the company which he handed over to the Department of Justice. Vorhies also shares a plan to end the censorship and possibly break up the monopoly that has become possibly the most powerful corporation in the world, Google. They defined themselves. It was not a political system. They hated politicians. And they wanted to do it with what they called the science of social engineering. Spiro and Patrick Wood discuss what is technocracy, who are the technocrats and what is their agenda.

The two also analyze how the social engineers have positioned themselves to capitalize upon this manufactured crisis to implement their technocratic agenda. Has Yours? The lower the humidity, the more stable the virus is in the atmosphere and on surfaces What you need is fever hospitals which were here until around the s or 90s. They were on single floors and had isolation within isolation. Theere were no lift shafts and staff were trained, which meant that everyone was protected from each other When it comes to suppression, only the virus will have a determination in that. This virus is so out there now, I cannot see a strategy that makes suppression the viable option.

People died but nothing changed and none of the fabric of society was eroded like this response Do I see steps being taken at a European level about learning from our mistakes and changing policies? The answer is no Prof Carl Heneghan: can we trust Covid death numbers? In a post yesterday evening he revealed an extraordinary detail: the Public Health England daily death totals announced to the media include anyone who has ever tested positive for Covid—even if they recovered completely.

This will get increasingly confusing as we go into the next Winter because there could be a new outbreak and new deaths while also still reporting on historical deaths This is a problem for epidemiologists and media They are less than the 0. What if they can take your money away? They said 2 million in this country. We now know those were completely fraudulent, never peer reviewed estimates that were created by Bill Gates and his lackey Neil Ferguson, a guy who is this biostatistician who is notorious, in every pandemic from hoof and mouth disease to covid, of exaggerating, of just lying [See: The Ferguson Effect , 9 Apr and The expert behind the Covid shutdown was wrong on CJD and foot-and-mouth, and is probably wrong again now.

So they told us that and that prompted the lockdown. I do not want to be motivated by fear. I will not let somebody scare me into doing something and I think most people, most Americans, I think feel that way. Well anyway, a lot of us do. We just see that this whole thing is being gamed and that the public health officials have been lying for years. John Anthony Morris [] was one of the greatest bacteriologists in history. He worked for 32 years. He was the chief bacteriologist at NIH and he was the guy who was in charge in the early 70s in developing a flu vaccine. He helped develop the flu vaccine and he said, you know what? He told his bosses at NIH that this is a fraudulent vaccine. It kills people. It causes brain damage. He was told to shut up and his bosses went to Congress—there was a swine flu epidemic in , and at Fort Dix one soldier died—and they said this is the beginning of a swine flu pandemic.

It never materialized. They went to President Gerald Ford. They got million dollars, which was a huge amount of money back then, to create million flu shots to give to million Americans. And they ended up giving it to 40 million. They fired John Anthony Morris. He would not keep his mouth shut. They locked his lab. They stole all of his notebooks and they fired him for returning library books late. He ultimately sued them. He was completely exonerated by the court and he was restored.

My name is Brian C. It is my understanding that some are trying to get to the truth about Covid, and there is a lot of misleading information out there. If patients get sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, effective treatment is limited, and the complication rate is high. But what happens when we treat patients weeks earlier, when they first develop symptoms? We have identified, diagnosed, and successfully treated these patients at a relatively early point in the course of the disease. It is these statistics that are amazing. I have treated over patients without a single ER visit or need for hospitalization with advanced care.

I know one colleague who has treated over patients with the same success. Although there have been no unexpected side effects, including no cardiovascular problems related to Hydroxychloroquine, one should remember it is possible for any drug to have undesirable side effects as evidenced by various TV commercials. My local ICU doctors have pleaded with me to keep doing what I am doing. We could also place all nursing home patients and health care personnel on HCQ prophylaxis for days on a voluntary basis of course. This could theoretically prevent thousands of needless hospitalizations and deaths and the spread of the virus. In conclusion, if we treat COVID like similar flus, pneumonia, hypertension, diabetes, or even a simple sinus infection using early, aggressive therapy that has shown a high rate of success while costing much less than a hospital stay, then we, as a nation, would be far better off rather than be stymied by a constant barrage of numbers that become meaningless because of the confusion of surrounding data collection.

Rather than using information as a political tool, the American people should be made aware of successful, alternative options, allowing them to choose what course to follow right to try. This information on a course of treatment that thus far has shown to be safe and effective when used early and with patients eligible for outpatient care, would help to erase some of the fear that has been generated by the media with overemphasis on hospitalization and possible severe complications and death. Twenty-Three years ago, I took the Hippocratic Oath. It is posted in my lobby. It is my creed and promise to my patients. This crisis has become political in the way it has been handled by many states, and this crisis should be about saving the lives of people all over the world and not about the endless struggle between two political parties.

My heart goes out to the millions of people who have suffered in the wake of this pandemic. While I fully realize this data is far from representing a randomized double-blinded controlled clinical trial, we need to go to war with what we have. We need a grass root movement to cure this pandemic. Please circulate this to everyone you know: social media, politicians, doctors, friends, and family. With hope, faith, love, dedication, and perseverance, together we can end this pandemic without destroying any more lives. Please help us end this crisis! Serious inquirers about details and treatment can contact us at doctorcovidl9 yahoo. Brian C. Feel free to share, especially with your PCP. I am banned from Facebook again for 1 month.

Scott Jensen - Could this happen to you? Could this happen to you? Share the message Follow-up to this: 28 Jul FB post : In late June, I received notice from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice that my license was under review after two allegations regarding public comments were filed against me. The first allegation was that my willingness to compare COVID to influenza outbreaks constituted reckless advice. I announced yesterday that the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice had completed a thorough investigation and dismissed the allegations. We are all entitled to our own reasoning. In a nation built on free speech, this right must be protected.

But instead, today we are seeing an unprecedented intolerance for contrarian viewpoints. I was forced to respond to allegations from accusers I could not face. These people threatened to uproot my practice, my profession, and my life. I chose to stay in the fight, to remain vocal, and to dedicate my time to continue to spread truth rather than allow fearmongering to run amok. It was not easy, but the circumstances which propelled me to respond to unfair allegations were the same ones which necessitated my speaking out.

A worldwide transparent dialogue was never something I imagined, but I believe it was healthy. So many folks sent notes, stopped me at the store, texted me, and sustained my family through this time of uncertainty. This personal and painful journey provided a reminder for me that we must have the discipline to overcome groupthink by believing in ourselves. I am a family doc in the trenches, and I have always used my license to care for people. I am blessed to live out my calling every day and now, I am more thankful than ever to return to work tomorrow and greet my patients with this weight lifted.

Data as per mid-June Loosely quoted scientists, amongst others but not limited to: Professor John Ioannidis, Professor Dr. Michael Levitt, Professor Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor Dr. Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Anders Tegnell, Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, Professor Dr. Peter C. Pietro Vernazza, Professor Dr. Didier Raoult and many others. A death is a death. Whereas when you try to attribute cause of death it becomes political. This is well known by epidemilogists. The way to get around that is to look at total deaths, all cause death. We can call this the winter burden of deaths. This is well known. Why is that? Science has come to understand that the main reason most probably is, because of these darn viruses that have been with us for millions of years that cause respiratory diseases.

Because these viruses are transmitted by very small aerosol particles that are suspended in the air and they can only be suspended in the air, effectively, and for a long time, if the absolute humidity is very low. In winter, all of these viruses, which are very similar, one to the next—irrespective of the strain—all of these viruses that cause respiratory diseases are highly contagious and transmit in the winter when the air is dry. Because as soon as you breath in these aerosols, they infect your lungs and they give you this nasty respiratory disease. Then, your immune system is in high demand. You have to have a lot of metabolic energy and you have to fight that infection and that energetic demand in your metabolism is extreme.

Your body will even shut down other functions in order to meet that demand. So anyone who is already fragile and already spending a lot of resources within their body to fight other infections or other conditions, is at risk of dying. Even people who have heart conditions will die as a result of adding on this respiratory disease. This is what these humps look like. Every winter you get an extra bump of these deaths. This is for the United States as a whole. And you can see that the extra number of deaths, the extra size of these bumps is always about the same. These viruses—and there are many, many of them and they co-exist with us and they always have—if they can be transmitted they will be transmitted.

Once you understand all that, the very first thing we have to say scientifically, on a rigorous basis, is: This year, this winter, under Covid, there have not been more deaths than usual. In other words, the winter burden, total deaths, has not been greater, statistically speaking—it always varies a little from year to year—but in terms of, Is it significantly greater? Is something special happening? Nor is it unusual in terms of how it is transmitted, how it acts. Typically a person who is infected, is often infected, when they analyze it they find this out, is often infected by more than one of these viruses at any one time. Fauci testified before Congress today, and warned about all kinds of serious problems which he caused.

Fauci warned of a tremendous burden the US healthcare system faces this fall if seasonal flu and Covid are circulating together. His comment caught my attention because the only reason we would still be having a problem with Covid in the fall was because we failed to achieve herd immunity. And if we failed to achieve herd immunity it was precisely because of the lockdowns which Dr. Fauci promoted. The whole point of the lockdowns was to slow the spread of the virus and by slowing the spread of the virus he dragged the epidemic out into the next flu season. Sweden never closed down their restaurants, bars, borders, or schools. Their goal was to achieve herd immunity before the next flu season strikes and it appears that Sweden has been successful.

The number of deaths in Sweden is rapidly dropping toward zero The International Tribunal for Natural Justice was established in by a treaty signed by thousands of living souls across the globe. It is a law court and jurisdiction founded on the principles of Natural Justice, committed to the restoration of the rule of law. Dolores Cahill beginning at : Obviously I do think viruses exist and I do think that this is a virus.

Corona viruses cause 40 percent of the time every year when we have influenza-like symptoms, 40 percent of the time it is corona virus. And the common cold is a coronavirus. But the reason why they are not available to people is when they do the animal studies, that the animals are fine generally after the vaccine. But when they come across a corona virus naturally within sometime months or years later, the animals get very sick and they either are very ill and die and when they open them up they find that they have this inflammatory response in their internal organs and tissues.

So to try and put the life of the people on Earth on hold to wait for a vaccine for this corona virus, it may never come so we need to look at other solutions. And the health systems will be rundown and their health will be rundown. We need to now inform people of the symptoms, prevention, and treatment and literally unlock the world. Children are being deprived of an education and 20 year olds are not going to university. So generally I would be trying to say to people we can take prevention and treatment and to unlock the world and go back to the old normal. This is about social engineering. A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert? And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.

But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet. The unimaginable wealth that Gates has accrued is now being used to purchase something much more useful: control.

Control not just of the global health bodies that can coordinate a worldwide vaccination program, or the governments that will mandate such an unprecedented campaign, but control over the global population itself. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world. Like the Rockefellers before them, the Gates have long since learned the secret of enlarging their family fortune—not to mention their control over the human population—by donning the mask of philanthropy.

There are many perspectives on Bill Gates; depending on who you ask, he is a computer savant, a genius businessman, or a saintly philanthropist. But all of these perspectives have been brought to you through PR outlets founded or funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is no longer a subject for historians but hagiographers. Now we must confront the question of why this man is motivated to build such a web of control—control over our public health agencies—.

GATES : And for all member states, you must make vaccines a high priority in your health systems, to ensure that all your children have access to existing vaccines now—and to new vaccines as they become available. GATES : And the lack of an ID system is a problem, not just for the payment system, but also for voting and health and education and taxation. We must confront the possibility that this quest for control comes not from a selfless spirit of generosity that never seemed to exist before he became a multi-billionaire, but from the same drive for money, the same desire for domination and the same sense of superiority that motivated him on his way up the corporate ladder.

These tasks can be performed off leash, without a harness, indoors. Frequent practice needed to keep these skills viable. Respond to Smoke Alarm if Partner Unresponsive. Someone who has disassociation episodes with PTSD might be an excellent candidate for the same kind of training given to a dog who must alert a heavily sedated partner as described in next section whenever a smoke alarm goes off. However, if the person typically is not responsive to nudges while in such a state, the trainer could teach the dog to go to a K-9 Rescue Phone [see www.

Local computers can be programmed, if handler requests it, to instruct operator that if no voice is heard, to assume the service dog in residence is placing the call due to a life threatening emergency. If the human partner happens to be fully aware when the smoke alarm goes off, he or she can easily intervene to disconnect the call after praising the dog for responding appropriately to that particular sound. Will need once a month practice sessions to maintain this skill in a service dog. Some may protest that this should not be counted as a task and I agree.

It deserves a mention, though, because it is so useful to assistance dog partners who may be in need of the items being carried by the service dog. Also may carry a Beverage, plus a Cell Phone or Beeper, and Instructions For Emergency Personnel, such as Who To Call if a patient is having a PTSD disassociation episode, a flashback, or if serious medication side effects, an injury or other problems should deprive the handler of the ability to provide important information about the team. Such items could be carried in a purse or fanny pack, so it is a matter of personal choice. Tasks in this section suggest additional ways in which a service dog might assist a patient to cope with aspects of living with a psychiatric disability.

This may include tasks to help a partner mitigate chronic or intermittent medication side effects or to take his or her medication on schedule or to assist with symptoms experienced in spite of the treatment being received. Medication Reminder at Certain Time of Day. Teach the dog to expect to be fed or to have a cookie break or to go for a walk at the same time every day.

Some service dogs will pick up their food bowl or leash and bring it to the partner at the same time each day, as if they can read the clock. Other dogs may nudge or bark at the partner, begging for their dinner, treat or walk at the expected time. If always rewarded, this behavior becomes habitual, a task that serves to remind the partner that it is time to stop an ongoing activity and to take the prescribed medication.

This increases the probability the partner will get up to take the pill when it is due. Can be a task in the home and perhaps in the workplace or at school if circumstances permit. Speech Impairment Task Away from Home. If a loss of speech may occur due to side effects of a major tranquilizer or anti depressant medication or PTSD or a panic attack, consider carrying a card that explains what is happening to you, to show to a security guard, teacher, employer or bus driver as needed.

This card can reassure them you do NOT need help or, conversely, ask them to call somebody on your behalf. It can be a postcard size or business card size, laminated. Also it is useful to have a similar card to explain your dog is a service dog and your civil rights whenever you are unable to do so. Some medications cause side effects that are more than a minor nuisance. Some psychotropic medication cause deep sedation, during which it is almost impossible to regain consciousness. Other medications for pain, seizures or anxiety also can cause sedative side effects.

Wake Sedated Partner, Alerting to Doorbell. Waiting for a plumber, other repairmen, a delivery truck which may or may not show up can be problematic. One cannot skip a dose or forego medication if panic attack symptoms begin. Schooling a dog to wake up his partner in response to doorbell chimes can solve the dilemma. Dog trained to awaken sleeping partner who takes medication with sedative side effects and lead that person to the source of the sound. The dog can be trained to persist in arousing a person if sedative side effect prevents person from responding appropriately to the smoke alarm in an emergency. Harness Work with Ambulatory Partner. In spite of treatment, some people experience such a degree of fear or panic they report they frequently stumble as they cannot pay attention to their footing at such times.

Veterans with PTSD may experience balance problems from another issue, such as a traumatic brain injury, vertigo etc. In addition to the counter balance skill, such dogs could be trained like a guide dog to halt at curbs, steps, etc. Not everyone with a psychiatric disability needs or wants this optional task, but I mention it as it has been beneficial in some cases. Physical soundness is essential, to prevent any harm to the dog from doing it. Dogs who must cope with the weight of partner, bracing on a frequent basis on outings, are customarily required to pass an orthopedic exam with x-rays for hip and elbow dysplasia to rule out these crippling joint diseases prior to counter balance training.

A proper fitting harness with padding on pressure points, [see www. Whether or not it aids the owner to keep his or her balance is irrelevant, for it is ethically viewed as abusive treatment of an assistance dog, which is inexcusable. This section details specific work or tasks a service dog can be trained to perform to assist the handler with emotionally disabling symptoms other than a fear of a violent crime reoccurring.

It suggests strategies to use at home or in the workplace or in public to cope with and recover from an emotional overload. It also looks at ways to prevent feelings of panic from escalating. Quite frankly, most dogs do not rush sympathetically to the side of a human to comfort the person when he or she becomes tearful or trembles with fear or experiences a panic attack. The calm detachment of many dogs enables them to learn and carry out tasks to earn a reward. Dogs who initially show avoidance behavior can often be desensitized to emotional reactions if highly food motivated and then learn a task.

Such tasks if practiced on a regular basis will empower the disabled individual to do something constructive about very unwelcome or inappropriate emotional reactions rather than feeling helpless and overwhelmed when they occur. Provide Tactile Stimulation to Disrupt the Overload. One or more of the tasks listed below may put a stop to unwelcome reactions in the workplace, classroom or out in public. In addition, for those experiencing nightmares, night terrors, hypnagogic hallucinations or flashbacks, tactile stimulation can provide a vitally important reality affirmation when the partner summons the dog.

While some dogs may naturally perform a behavior, it takes schooling to transform it into a task the dog will do immediately on command, reliable even in the presence of distractions, at any location where needed. To assist the person to regain composure, the dog must learn to be obnoxiously persistent with the nudging till the partner recovers enough to respond with the desired reward. It is something that may not require any training for an affectionate pet. These are interactions of the sort any dog lover, disabled or non disabled, may find beneficial when emotionally upset.

It can also help a person to shake off the grogginess of sedative side effects. It can prevent a relapse of sleep disturbances. It could serve as an alternative coping strategy if a dog lacks the schooling to perform the suggested tasks. Wake up Human Partner for Work or School. The person may not want to get up for work or school, as it means he or she will be returning to a place that he or she blames as being responsible for the panic attack or flashback.

Depression can cause apathy or a desire to withdraw rather than face the world. Success has been noted in fighting back against avoidance behavior, apathy or withdrawal by having the service dog respond like a hearing dog to the alarm clock in the morning. It may also be possible to train the dog to go by his internal alarm clock to eagerly awaken the person at a certain hour of the day, through use of a feeding schedule or if not motivated by food, by the promise of a walk.

Prevent or Combat Emotional Overload in Workplace. These tasks may have an incidental therapeutic benefit, giving a feeling of solace to some handlers, but their primary purpose is to empower the human partner to recover and sustain emotional control in settings where uncontrolled emotional reactions are unacceptable. Providing an Excuse to Leave Upsetting Situation. The following task may be an effective coping mechanism in the workplace and elsewhere, preventing a loss of self control in front of others. The dog is trained to assist the person to escape from a certain conversation, a room, or a building to earn a reward. This provides the human partner with a plausible reason for taking a break from an intolerable situation with a boss, client or co-worker, thus saving face or the job.

Assist to Leave the Area by Finding Exit. It can take months of schooling for this to become a reliable strategy for leaving an area when symptoms flare up, especially if the dog is expected to respond to symptoms as a cue rather than a verbal command. Provide Deep Pressure for Calming Effect. Those who suffer from panic attacks have reported that the pressure of the weight of a medium size dog or a large dog against their abdomen and chest has a significant calming effect. It can shorten the duration of the attack; often prevent the symptoms from escalating. One way it is performed is to have a medium size dog lie atop someone who is lying on their back on a floor, bed or sofa, forepaws over the shoulders of the partner.

A large dog could be too heavy in that position; also some dogs dislike it. Once trained to quietly hold that position for up to five minutes, this same task can be adapted to just about any chair, couch or bench seat his partner sits on. A dog should be given a rest break for at least a minute, back on all four paws, before repeating this task on his hind legs.

Dog must be trained to promptly get Off the person on command. A number of individuals disabled by PTSD and other psychiatric conditions report one of their difficulties in maintaining employment is the claustrophobic reaction they suffer when a colleague, boss, or customer comes too close to them. The revulsion they experience is not limited to the workplace of course. Avoiding situations where closeness may take place will lead to someone becoming increasingly homebound.

Through teamwork with a service dog, some of these individuals have regained the ability to do their own shopping and to ride on public transportation. Such teamwork may also enable them to cope better with the risk of close contact in the workplace or at a Little League game, the polls on Election Day and other places which may draw a crowd, helping the partner to lead a much more normal life. Technique was developed by service dog trainers to protect patients with Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy from accidental bumps that can trigger an excruciatingly painful RSD flare-up. Same task can prevent or reduce panic by creating enough distance for a situation to become tolerable.

Short term strategy for backing people off. Must learn to drop with his back to the person approaching or persons in line. Should lie flat on his side or at least on one hip, to maximize the distance between the partner and nearest person. If worried a small dog might be stepped, have him do a Stand-Stay instead, with the tail end nearest to the person to be kept at bay so as to maximize the distance this achieves. This apparently is sufficient to break the spell, allowing the individual to resume movement. This may also be effective in fear paralysis , another symptom of PTSD. Transforming it from an accidental spontaneous behavior into a reliable skill will require months of diligent schooling and practice.

If there are frequent practice sessions in a variety of settings, this training may enable the dog to perform this valuable task whenever the freezing behavior, fear paralysis or disassociation occurs in real life. Alternatively, teach it as a hearing dog alert to a wristwatch alarm. If fully alert, the partner can just reset the alarm before the alarm due to go off, unless he chooses to give the dog a practice session.

Could be useful for someone with appointments or classes to get to or other responsibilities, if he or she is responsive to a service dog nudging or pawing when disassociating. Not every person who becomes the victim of assault develops a psychiatric disorder with symptoms severe enough to qualify them as disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This psychological injury can be just as disabling as an injury which causes a loss of vision or hearing. It amputates the sense of safety or security that most people take for granted. The tasks in this section offer the human partner some innovative coping strategies. Teamwork with a service dog can empower the victim to win back a measure of independence and to resist incorrect and unrealistic responses.

For the traumatized handler, a service dog who masters these tasks will be an invaluable ally. Coping with Fear of Hidden Intruders in the Home. Assault victims who develop post traumatic stress disorder PTSD may find it extremely difficult to live alone or to spend time in the house when other household members are not at home for fear of being attacked again. Others are afraid to leave the house for fear of returning to discover there is a hidden intruder. A state of mind known as hyper vigilance , in which all senses are straining to detect where the next attack is coming from, is common to victims of assault who develop PTSD. It can impair the ability to function in a home or public setting.

In addition, some of the tasks suggested here may help patients with sleep disturbances such as night terrors to cope better with the fear they experience. PTSD hyper vigilance, hypnagogic hallucinations, flashbacks, nightmares, night terror or extreme sleep deprivation from Depression lead to distorted reality perceptions. It can be tremendously reassuring if the service dog is trained to alert to anything unusual in the real environment. The tone of voice and body language will encourage the dog to listen and to alert if need be. He will relax and wander off to do something else. Strategies With a Portable Phone.

While there are other reasons why this task could be a valuable one, in this particular case, the task could empower the handler to investigate a suspicious noise to hopefully lay her fears to rest, rather than flee the premises. The handler could keep a finger on the button pre programmed to dial as a precaution. The handler also has the option of calling a friend and keeping the person on the line while checking out the premises. If returning home from an outing, the handler could have the dog enter the home and bring the portable phone to the front or back porch.

Call for Help in Advance. The dog can be sent to depress the three inch wide white button that dials a pre programmed number on the K-9 Rescue Phone before the handler steps foot in the house.

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