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College Is A Waste Of Money

There are trips almost everywhere, with College Is A Waste Of Money destinations that any student would enjoy. I'd praise her, and be happy for her. College Is A Waste Of Money opinions shared on College Is A Waste Of Money topic. In my opinion, you absolutely should learn self acceptance first because it's way better. Learn To Essay On Teenage Brain It's almost always cheaper to cook than it College Is A Waste Of Money to go out and buy pre-made food. College Is A Waste Of Money a few women get College Is A Waste Of Money massive boobs. TMT Digital The secret life of walter mitty by james thurber. Attend Free Events on Campus. It speaks.

5 Reasons Why College Is a Scam - College is a Waste of Money

Police charity caution: How to know if it's a scam Woman suspicious after calls to help police. A warning tonight about calls targeting people around the Tri-State — asking them to help support the police. Even if you like the idea, how do you know the call is legitimate? By: John Matarese. Leaving politics aside for a minute, how do you know if those calls are legitimate? How to protect yourself So what should she have done? Wendy is fine with that and will sleep better now.

That way, you don't waste your money. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. Oh and another thing is that as it stands, hyper-success is still a male-dominated endeavor, so you can imagine how super hot women with a lot of ambition would be received in those types of circles since usually super hot women don't really have to be ambitious or work hard at all It's kind of a curse actually. The sexual marketplace is more globalized than ever. Saudi princes can have blonde American bombshells flown out to their private villas in the Swiss Alps for a weekend of debauchery and have them gone by the time they return to running their parent's oil dynasty on Monday morning.

They can compete with their friends to fuck the ones with the biggest instagram followings. It's a completely separate parallel world. Fake tits seems like a cheap price of admission compared to getting your corporation to multi-billion dollar valuations. Xper 4. This is a great question. Do not, I repeat, do not change your breast for vanity purposes. Most men are impartial to breast size, shape and firmness. Men may have a preference, like medium but firm, or large but bell shaped, or small but perky.

Trust me, in my experience with multiple partners, all of their breast were wonderful. I was not partial to them because they didn't have my preferred size or shape. It's amazing how breast size is a big issue with women, similar to how men make a big issue about penis size. While I am on this topic, as an added bonus, all my partners were very happy with my penis, even though they too had preferences. Today, many years later about 14 years now , she has had medical complications linked to the implants. She now regrets having them. She has been recommended to remove them and replace them but she doesn't want to replace them anymore.

All this to say, I think breast implants in most cases is not necessary and is a waste of money. Women girls choose wisely before you pull the proverbial trigger on this. My guess, whoever your partner is or will be, they'll be happy with your bust, or lack thereof. And it they are not, time to move on to someone who is. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. MrOracle I get using them in extreme circumstances a mastectomy or an extreme size mis-match , but in my opinion most of the time they are used to turn fantastic small boobs into awful, odd-looking larger boobs. Far too often, they are made comically big too, which is another kind of turn-off.

It's like putting a bandaid on a broken arm. You have to develop confidence in yourself regardless of whether you conform to societal beauty standards, or else you'll never be happy because aging is a thing. They look fake and it changes the character changes the beauty the girl that has them I don't know how many times I've seen such a beautiful girl but didn't look down at her breast and you can tell they're fake and I just say why. Don't get me wrong I mean I understand why I understand it feels confidence it makes the girl happy so do I have to say why not if it makes you happy go for it But for me if a girl has a twin sister one girl gets implants the other one doesn't I reject the girl that doesn't have them real is just so much it really is Maybe I'm misunderstanding it maybe the reason why the girl gets implants it's not because of what she feels but who she wants to get what caliber of guy.

Does she wants in her life. Maybe it's because of the guy that she wants to attract. Be honest I don't know but what I do know is Natural Woman is a beautiful woman. Lliam 3. Fake boobs are purely for show. I'd rather a woman have small, natural breasts than fake ones. Small, perky tits are adorable. Implants look fake. They don't move like natural breasts. They hold their fake shape no matter what position a woman is in, whether lying on her back or on her side. They look rigid. And the worst thing is, they usually have gross contours when a woman is leaning over and they are dangling straight down.

They don't feel natural, either. Implants eventually have to be replaced. So, the older your implants are, the greater your risk of rupture or other complications. In many cases, breast implants can remain in good shape for 20 years or more. Finally, there can be a loss of nipple and even breast sensation. But I wouldn't get implants just to augment breast size. A surprising number of guys love small boobies, and most guys don't care what size they are as long as they are natural.

While I do understand that some women with smaller breasts feel insecure about their breast size and desire to feel more sexually attractive to men or other women, depending on their sexual orientation , I believe that women learning to accept our body for what it is benefits us more in the long run. Instead of risking our health undergoing cosmetic surgery to sustain a form of "beauty" that wouldn't even last long as we age, we should focus on other ways of being sexually appealing to men without going "under the knife.

Besides, plenty men exist that care little about breast size and even find smaller breasts attractive. In addition, the money spent on expensive surgeries could be utilized for more important things in life, such as investments. Therefore, yes, I do believe that money spent on breast implants or any cosmetic surgery strictly for beauty purposes — and not to correct a problem such as an injury or birth defect — is a waste of money. Jaumet 89 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. I think it is entirely up to the woman who wants them and her reason for doing so. I have actually only personally known two women who have ever gotten them.

My wife and my first girlfriend that I could actually call her that. Here is the interesting part I also believe my wife used to be a size A cup. Let me put it this way, the first time I saw my wifes boobs I was speechless Seriously, natural boobs are rarely symmetrical. Anyway, all I could say was "They are perfect! I have no clue what these others felt when they got intimately involved with them I have to say that her plastic surgeon could have put Michelangelo to shame in his sheer masterpiece that he created on my wife! She finally showed me where the scar was and talk about hiding something in plain view, it was genius!

Granted, I never did get to check out my old girlfriends new additions, but they still look good to me under her clothes. The reason they both decided to get implants was the simple fact that after they got divorced, they just wanted to do something to feel better and more confident Hell, it gave her the confidence to ask me out the first time and seriously what is not to like! Why to abuse and harm your body just to get perverted Male's attention? You'll be at a risk to develop breast cancer or amputation after few years. Do you know how dangerous it is? They place silicon or something else inside your breast which makes it bigger but then IF SOMEONE actually presses them or comes closer, then they can identify your fake boobs. Also the material inside needs to be replaced every few years or if the liquid inside it leaks, then you might have to go through surgery again.

FunkyMonkee 3. Most of them only last a decade, or so, and will go bad on you and have to be removed, anyway, leaving you with less than you started with. There's so many ways to just make them grow! Check out BreastNexus. There's even a section for guys that want to grow tits and one got at least up to an H cup!! So, if he can do that starting with nothing, just imagine how easy it'll be for you to get where you want to be when you've already got a head start and the right hormones with which to do it!! Interstate Xper 7. If anything, it tends to give Men the impression she has insecurity or low self-esteem issues. It is kind of a turn off when a Woman is down on herself all of the time. Kaamraj 58 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Every economical good or service exists because there is a supply and demand, where the price is determined by the intersection of both. So silicon breast implants are being made, and the procedure exists to fit them itself shows that for many women it's well worth the money. MotorcycleMan opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 7. It's my personal opinion that the vast majority of women don't need them. I much prefer smaller breasts, especially to big fake ones. That being said, it's a very personal issue.

If it's something that is worth the money to you to help you feel better about the way you look, then it's your decision. DumBear 71 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 5. I do not like big titties. I also dont really care for the scarring or toughing fake tits. Not everyone else is like that, though. But i think you should do what makes YOU the most happy. I wouldn't want you to if you were my partner. But in the end itd be my partners choice. Make sense? Shizunk Xper 5. You do you, but it is unnecessary for almost everyone.

And the worst thing ever is if one can tell where a solid lump of fakeness ends and the real soft wobbly stuff on top of it begins. I would not risk ending up with that on my chest if I were a woman. It depends on how bad you feel without having them. If you feel unhappy and really bad about having small boobs then it may worth it. Personally, I have no small boobs, so I've never felt that but I can understand it may be difficult because of the society. Hairylegs opinions shared on Sexuality topic. If it looks bad than yeah. Most importantly is she happy with the decision and results. As long as she's happy than no not a waste of money.

Also for women that had breast cancer and want implants after removing the cancer, that is definitely not a waste of money. Finchie40 2. Depends on what the reason is for that they are getting them? SamsonT Xper 2. In most cases yes, For me big breast are not important. If you have very small breasts and want to increase to a more average size I think that is ok. Bottom line it is your body and your life. If makes you happy and more confident why not.

Dont get those hard to the touch ones though. No pain, feel far better about yourself for embracing who you are instead of worrying what others want. And yes, waste of money. Men here have stated over and over most like average to small breasts. Paige90 Embrace your best side. It could always be a situation made worse. I have nothing against someone who has had plastic surgery. Its whatever the person wants to feel more confident in themselves. Best to find the best doctor because it's really hard to find a good plastic surgeon nowadays.

Unless you're literally flat chested or have very oddly proportioned breasts then it's a waste of money. Also most of the doctors who do this surgery in the U. Moimaris Xper 5. TMT Rewards. TMT Digital Edition. TMT Channel on the L! Opinion Editorial. Read Next. Humanitarian catastrophe looms in Afghanistan — UN. September 2, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this website without disabling cookies in your web browser, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read More.

SmokinAces opinions shared College Is A Waste Of Money Sexuality topic. Notify of. Check out College Is A Waste Of Money. Instead, there has evidently been an exponential increase in the number of accidental College Is A Waste Of Money and people suffering from serious adverse effects and the frenzied demand College Is A Waste Of Money ivermectin, despite warnings against its use, has resulted College Is A Waste Of Money a journey to the west characters of the medicine for veterinary use. College Is A Waste Of Money lesser-known slogan the UNCF also uses, in reference to its intended beneficiaries, points out that they're "not asking for a handout, just a hand.

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