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Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner

Yuya and Shay decided to Duel Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner since Culture In The Film Bend It Like Beckham others were injured. Jimmy Valentine Analysis accompanies Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner out on the Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner as they test out the new 'drugs dog' designed to catch street Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner and users. There were Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner rather justified, IMO about the lack of dimension of the characters, especially the villain, in The Kite Runner : Hosseini was accused of playing up to the gallery by vilifying the Islamic world for the benefit of a largely Western audience. It continues some of the themes used in his previous work, such as the familial aspects, but focuses primarily on female characters and Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner roles in Afghan Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner. Forster, in "Aspects of the Novel," talks about books having Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner characters and flat characters, with Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner ones Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner more like people you'd encounter in Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner real world, and flat ones being more of caricatures used to move a book's story along. Everything felt too real to be consoled otherwise. Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner I have three children.

The Kite Runner (8/10) Movie CLIP - Hassan's Letter (2007) HD

As the structure becomes even more unstable, Valentine is seriously injured trying to prevent Hardy getting hit by debris. The night shift officers from the nightclub incident are forced into a double shift when the DPS arrive in the midst of allegations of negligence. DCI Keane gets a reality check when his daughter challenges him for trying to shift blame for the nightclub incident onto Kapoor. First appearance of DC Stuart Turner. Perkins and Sim investigate when a man is robbed and assaulted after visiting a prostitute.

When Turner discovers that James' rivalry with fellow pimp Gordon Kite has been re-ignited, the team lead a manhunt for James to secure his safety before Kite catches up with him. Fletcher and Casper deal with a number of angry bus passengers who have a grievance with their driver. When a bus later goes missing, the pair discover the driver they dealt with earlier doesn't work for the company any more. Turner continues his investigation into the murky world of pimps and prostitution as he investigates crime boss Craig Fenton, whom he suspects is dealing heroin and cocaine through a network of prostitutes.

When one of Fenton's prostitutes is beaten within an inch of her life, Turner tries to convince her flat-mate to give evidence against Fenton and reveal the motive behind the attack. Meanwhile, Casper and Bryant deal with a ruckus between the husband of a school teacher and a pupil. Although the husband suspects that his wife has been playing away, Casper subsequently discovers that the teacher is addicted to heroin, and that the pupil in question is in fact her drug dealer. Meadows offers Turner a transfer and promotion to DS.

The Hunter brothers are paired together to investigate the stabbing of a Syrian national. Suspicion immediately falls on GP Fiona Blakeston, although she claims that she does not know who the man is. The brothers are convinced that there is more to the case than meets the eye and soon discover a link to a major scale antique-smuggling operation. A laptop goes missing from the workplace of Smithy's former cellmate Morris Leatherhead, and he and Hardy are forced to investigate. Convinced that a fellow employee has stolen the laptop to fund maternity wear, Ackland and Hollis operate a stop and search — but Bryant's failure to write up her CRIS report leaves the team in deep water.

Steve confronts his brother Phil over their relationship, and the conversation leads Steve to put in for a transfer. Phina Oruche and Bill Treacher guest star. The Hunter brothers failure to gather enough evidence to keep antique smuggler Michael Hassan in custody, but having been wound up by both the shoddy interview and his brother's interference, Phil's next move leaves his brother's life hanging in the balance when two armed men douse him in petrol and threaten to set him alight. Smithy is forced to intervene when Morris Leatherhead trashes a kebab shop in an attempt to get taken back into prison.

Meanwhile, following a near fatal beating on the Netherlake estate, Nadir and Perkins find themselves on the trail of two local youths blackmailing a number of older single men for protection money — in return for not branding them paedophiles. Hunter investigates the brutal attack on his brother and soon suspects that smuggling suspect Michael Hassan may have been responsible, as a way of taking revenge for their altercation following his arrest. Meanwhile, a hit-and-run leaves a young girl dead, and Stamp is forced to arrest one of his old friends whom Casper suspects may have been at the wheel of the car. Turner and Nixon investigate a claim made by a concerned daughter after she suspects that her mother has been conned by a self-proclaimed 'lifestyle guru', who attempts to do a runner the moment the pair start to investigate.

Hunter and Nixon investigate when a young woman is found unconscious in an off licence, and claims she was raped the night before. With no evidence of the assailant to bear, Hunter suspects that the woman's boyfriend may be the attacker — but later discovers that he in fact brokered a deal with the landlord of his local pub, to clear his tab in return for offering his girlfriend for sex. When the defendant refutes that he did any such thing, Hunter decides to go commando and sleep with his solicitor in an attempt to broker a confession. After getting berated by Nixon for his methods, Hunter gets another earful when brother Steve gives him what for on his last day at Sun Hill. Meanwhile, Ackland implicates a 'Dispersal Zone' on the Farleigh estate after an arson attack on an elderly resident by a group of local youths.

First appearance of Rod Jessop , David Hargreaves guest stars. Manson re-opens the case into Amy Tennant's disappearance when an unidentified caller gets in contact with a local newspaper, claiming that he knows the whereabouts of the missing girl. Webb poses as a journalist in an attempt to meet with the caller, but the arrival of the press leads to the obbo going pear shaped.

When Nadir discovers that the caller may be one of Amy's neighbours, Carl Barratt, the team trail him to an allotment where they find him burning a pile of personal belongings. Meanwhile, Ackland and Hollis are forced to toe the line with three local youths after an elderly resident on the Farleigh estate dies of a heart attack following a campaign of harassment. Edward Peel guest stars. Valentine becomes determined to track down a witness to the incident who called for the fire brigade, only to discover that she isn't prepared to stand up in court and identify the arsonists.

With one of the perpetrators appearing to have pimped out his own brother in return for blackmail money, Valentine tries to get the youth to cough up his brother to save his own skin. Meanwhile, Sim and Nadir investigate when a clinical registrar disappears after receiving a number of blackmail letters and threatening phone calls, but soon discover he may have left of his own accord. Hannah Waterman guest stars. Webb and Perkins investigate the disappearance of two young schoolgirls, concerned that their disappearance may be linked to the Amy Tennant case.

As uniform begin a frantic search for the missing youngsters, Hemmingway and Bryant find them cowering in fear in the depths of a dark underpass. With the younger of the two siblings having been beaten across the head, the search begins for their attacker — and the team are soon track down their prime suspect, a local waterworks employee who was seen with the two children shortly before the attack. However, forensic analysis reveals a shocking new suspect.

Sim interviews Charlotte Parker in an attempt to find out what truly happened to her sister Molly. The girl initially denies all involvement until she crumbles under the overwhelming weight of the evidence against her, and subsequently makes a full confession. Webb confronts the girl's father following allegations that his behaviour against his wife was the catalyst for the attack. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Hardy investigate when the initial suspect in the case, Andrew Landor, is attacked and badly beaten in his flat. A number of witnesses claim that the attacker may have been one of Landon's workmates, Dave Peters — and Fletcher becomes determined to find out who has been covering for him. Nixon and Turner investigate when two seemingly unconnected victims are attacked with a hammer and left for dead.

Having witnessed the first attack, Valentine is forced to cover his tracks after running from the scene following a traumatic flashback, leaving himself and Kapoor looking for a witness who does not exist. When the pair discover that the two victims both undertook contract work for a cancer research laboratory, Turner begins to look at ex-employees of the company with a connection to animal rights groups. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Casper deal with a former boxing champion who has fallen on hard times — and is being blackmailed by the landlord of his local pub.

Charles Venn guest stars. Sim and Nadir investigate when a man is found beaten and unconscious in a skip on a deserted industrial estate. With no apparent motive for the attack, it isn't until a friend of Fletcher's who owns a local boxing gym gives him some information on an illegal bare-knuckle fighting operation that the team finally discover who may have been responsible. Meanwhile, Hardy and Keane take the lead on a case of criminal damage — only for the case to take a surprising turn when the man confesses to murdering his own wife during the interview. However, with no evidence to prove his guilt, the pair are forced to let the man go. Fletcher and Keane assist Turner and Nixon on a new 'Capture Car' initiative brought in by Okaro, in an attempt to reduce car crime figures on the local estates.

Fletcher and Keane discover a scam where cars are being stolen to order, abandoned and then picked up by a scrap metal dealer, with the person who gives the tip-off to the vehicle's location being given a cut of the profit. However, when Casper pursues a stolen vehicle which speeds off into the distance, Nixon and Turner suspect that not everybody involved is abandoning their loot — and uncover an elaborate plan by an ex-con to frame his brother for an armed robbery as way of payback for the time he served in prison. Sian Thomas guest stars. Nadir and Hunter investigate when a number of witnesses make complaints against a market trader, claiming that the perfume that he sold them has left them with scarring and burns. When the pair discover that Chez Williams, one of Nadir's former informants, has been running cases of the perfume to local pubs and clubs, they attempt to use him to crack the case.

Meanwhile, Turner and Nixon investigate a suspicious death when a couple claim to have found an unidentified body in their living room. Hardy and Keane investigate when they suspect that a young man is faking his mother's dementia to steal her personal possessions, but Hardy isn't convinced of the man's guilt. Hannah Waterman and Simon Day guest star.

Stamp and Hollis are called to investigate a domestic disturbance at the home of the Parker family, and discover that Tom has once again beaten his wife, Fern. Webb tries to convince Fern to leave Tom, but his efforts are in vain — later that day, Stamp and Hollis are asked to attend the property once again and find Tom dead on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, Sim investigates a campaign of abuse against a local bar, but soon discovers that the owner may himself be responsible to frame his closest rival. Kapoor and Bryant investigate a firecracker attack on a local pensioner, but Bryant is upset to learn that her son Liam and his friend Gareth may be responsible for the attack.

Fern initially pleads self-defence, claiming Tom was about to attack her. However, under interrogation, she cracks and reveals that she murdered Tom out of rage, and that Webb coached her to plead self-defence — forcing Meadows to defend Webb under the scrutiny of MIT. Meanwhile, Kapoor and Bryant investigate an assault on a local pensioner. They soon discover that a motive of racial abuse may be behind the assault, but discover that the man was diagnosed with Alzheimer's some months previously. After Bryant tells Gold she wants to resign, Kapoor tries to convince Bryant to look intp a position with the Safer Neighbourhood team at Barton Street. Nadir and Hunter investigate an apparent protection racket following a tip-off from Nadir's informant.

Their subsequent investigation uncovers a plot to have a couple murdered, forcing Perkins to go undercover as the contract killer. Meanwhile, a crash between an ambulance and a car soon turns awry when a convicted murderer, who has been sentenced to life in prison, escapes from the back of the ambulance. Gold soon discovers that the occupant of the car has visited the prisoner several times whilst he has been in jail, and that the crash is no coincidence. Marshall Lancaster and Frank Jarvis guest star. Hunter and Sim investigate when a toddler is found wandering the streets covered in blood — blood that doesn't belong to him. With both of his parents missing, it becomes a race against time to save them from one another — but when the boy's father is found slumped in a shallow grave in some woodland, Hunter and Sim try to uncover the truth behind two conflicting accounts of domestic violence.

Meanwhile, Nixon and Turner investigate a stabbing in the local shopping centre. The victim is shaky when attempting to identify his attacker, but determined to get a result, Turner pressures him into positively identifying his prime suspect, Trey Harper — who soon turns out to be innocent. Nixon and Turner investigate the shooting of a twelve-year-old boy, but suspect that his version of events is somewhat alternate to the truth.

When the gun used in the shooting is identified as the same weapon involved in a shooting six years previously, suspicion falls on the boy's godfather. When the boy reveals that one of his school friends was responsible for the shooting, Hardy is left alone to confront the attacker when Valentine suffers another panic attack. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Keane investigate a burglary involving two young housemates, but after questioning one of the housemates' ex-boyfriends, soon suspect that the supposed 'burglary' may be nothing more than a scam.

Sim and new trainee DC Kezia Walker are paired together to investigate a suspected rape, where the victim has no memory of the attack itself. With little DNA evidence and no witnesses to the attack itself, Walker's only lead in the form of an aggressive beggar falls flat when she manages to provide himself with an alibi. Meanwhile, uniform tackle two less than ordinary cases. Stamp and Fletcher attempt to find a burglar using his dog, whom he left at the crime scene.

Before that however, they must find a way to disarm the angry mutt. Valentine and Hardy pull an elderly drink-driver who fools Hardy with the 'little old lady' routine, until Valentine discovers a long list of previous convictions. Denise Welch and Kelly George guest star. Nadir and Hunter attempt to track down a group of drug dealers who plied a year-old girl with heroin, causing her to overdose.

When Nadir attempts to use the girl's brother to identify the main suppliers, in return for helping the police, the boy is beaten up and crippled. Meanwhile, Valentine and Hardy deal with an assault at the local swimming pool - where one of the suspects shoves Keane in the pool! Gold sends Valentine on leave after almost crashing the area car during a reckless pursuit of the suspects, leaving Kapoor and Ackland to track down the thieves. Okaro prepares to hand over the reins as he accepts the post of Borough Commander. Adam Okaro is promoted to Ch. John Heaton , Ram John Holder guest stars. Hunter and Nadir continue on their quest to nail drug dealer Tom Dwyer, but the arrival of new Superintendent John Heaton sees the investigation take an exciting turn of pace when Heaton tasks his officers to catch Dwyer — any way possible.

Heaton even hauls in the boy's grandfather on a minor drugs charge in an attempt to use family loyalty as a method of breaking the case. Meanwhile, Sim and Walker investigate a further allegation of suspected rape and soon come to realise that a serial rapist, with a link to minicabbing, could be operating in the area. However, with little evidence to identify a suspect, the pair's investigation soon comes to a halt before it's even barely started. First appearance of Kristen Shaw. Harman attends an RTA, but is left puzzled by the actions of a witness, who hands her a blanket covered in blood. Meanwhile, a bag full of rotten meat is found dumped on some wasteground and a number of angry restaurateurs complain after a wave of food poisoning strikes a local health club bistro.

Nixon and Webb discover that an employee of the local meat processing plant has been on the take, but uncover a large scale scam involving the sale of rancid meat long past it's sell by date. Meanwhile, Hunter and Nadir speak to the owner of the health club and discover that it could be a front for a major money laundering operation, and that the club has links to dealer Kristen Shaw. Nadir attempts to use former informant Chez Williams as a way of arranging a meeting with Kristen Shaw, so arranges for Hunter to plant evidence in Chez's van in an attempt to fool Chez into thinking he has become corrupt. Nadir then uses Heaton's latest initiative of targeting all street dealers in the area as a way of working himself onto Kristen's payroll.

Meanwhile, Webb encounters Andrew Landor again when uniform haul him in for being unable to account for a large sum of money found in his possession. Suspecting that he has become embroiled in a counterfeit DVD scam, uniform trail Landor and discover a number of illegal private screenings being held at the local cinema. Sian Webber guest stars. Sim and Walker find themselves investigating their third reported rape case in two weeks, but are shocked when the victim identifies Stamp as her attacker.

Stamp makes no denial of trying to help the girl after finding her in distress, but thanks to work from Smithy, Walker manages to help the girl gather some idea of her timeline, which puts Stamp in the clear. Walker then decides to mount an undercover operation in the hope of catching the attacker. Meanwhile, Manson investigates a dodgy medium who claims to have had visions of Amy Tennant — but first must work out how she managed to steal a doll belonging to Amy from her bedroom and plant it in the woods. Sim applies for a sergeant's post with the Kidnap Squad, only for Turner to subsequently apply for the post too. Final appearance of DC Suzie Sim. Walker's operation goes pear shaped when the team's prime suspect turns out to being nothing more than a bag snatcher.

However, when one of the former victims is contacted by her attacker, the team discover that the culprit is a driver from Stamp's cab firm. As Stamp attempts to do some digging, the attacker contacts his victim again, and Stamp is able to identify him. However, forensic evidence only links the suspect to one of the attacks. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Keane deal with a teenage girl who has entered an abusive relationship with an older boy in an attempt to gain access to alcohol. Steve North and Tommy Knight guest star. Turner and Webb investigate when an armed robber disappears following a blag at a local convenience store. However, when CCTV shows the shopkeeper beating seven bells out of the robber with a cricket bat, the pair realise that time may be running out, and that they must find the victim before he succumbs to any harm.

A vital lead in the case comes when the team identify the robber's vehicle as an abandoned scooter which Smith and Hollis dealt with earlier. Meanwhile, Heaton continues to promote his zero tolerance policy, and urges arrests for petty offences, beginning with a crackdown on crime at the nearby Penn Market — and Hardy finds a new investigative ally in Hinckley. Gillian Wright and Fox Jackson-Keen guest star. Heaton mounts an operation to catch a relatively small-time drug dealer in an attempt to get the names of his suppliers — but the operation doesn't go completely to plan, leaving the hard evidence pointing towards the dealer's wife.

However, Hardy isn't prepared to watch an innocent woman go to jail, and convinces the woman to spill the beans on her husband. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Casper investigate a case of criminal damage involving the owner of the local go-kart stadium, but discover his actions towards a disabled customer to be less than desired, and Perkins' misjudgment of the Max Little case leaves the man's mother in serious danger, after he turns up on her doorstep. James Greene guest stars. Walker and Perkins investigate a burglary with a twist — the apparent culprit has been shot and kneecapped by the property's owners, Anna and George Talbot.

However, when they discover the victim is Anna's first husband, Jan, they uncover a string of fake marriages and con tricks, whereby Anna has been marrying vulnerable older men to get her hands on their money. Meanwhile, Smith and Hollis arrest the driver of a vehicle reportedly involved in a hit-and-run — but when the suspect turns out to be one of Kristen Shaw's henchmen, she asks Nadir to retrieve the car for her. Valentine and Hardy investigate a targeted campaign of abuse against arson witness Kathy Clarke. Gary Webster and Kevin Doyle guest star. Perkins investigates when a young girl is found unconscious after taking two suspicious 'E' tablets, but is even more shocked to discover that his daughter, Holly, may have secured the drugs for her from her boyfriend.

In an attempt to catch her dealer in the act, Perkins poses as a buyer and is introduced to the boy's supplier, who offers him a major score. Hunter isn't too pleased to discover that Nadir may have been the one who blew the operation, by warning Kristen Shaw of the impending bust. Gary Webster guest stars. So now I need an uplifting poem to get me out of the house for the yoga class. Do you have ways of finding the words to help you shift moods? Rowan on the moor A Moodscope member. Apple or PC? Cats or Dogs? We are supposed to prefer one over the other. I like them both, just like I use both Apple computers and PCs.

But there is a difference. My preference here is strongly towards the Mac. It is more beautiful to my eyes. Cats and Dogs are similar. I love the way a cat purrs appreciatively, but I prefer the face of a dog that is pleased to see you. Cats are rarely about you, whereas dogs radiate loyal unconditional love. Which brings me to people. This comes down to rehearsal more than nature. I have learned to be gracious. I am learning to become ever more gracious with each upgrade of my Gracious User Interface. I was gruff and grumpy parent. Take whatever is offered to you and affirm it, then move it forward, expand upon it. Treat people as if they are amazing. Above all, give people permission to be themselves. They need to become more like themselves and less like you — you are not the model of perfection!

Next time you find an interaction draining or ineffective, check your own User Interface first. How easy are you to deal with? Are you adding energy or blocking it? Make every encounter with you an enriching experience. Oh, and be quick about it. My Apple computer is faster than my PC and always has been so in spite of all the claims to the contrary. It just works. How I want to be: fast, friendly, fabulous! I can only describe this as ranging from some kind of instant coffee strength through to a Bruichladdich whisky. The lovely boyfriend I wrote about a few months ago has left, to live at University, at the other end of the country. My youngest daughter has been sad, we all feel it. I may need a Bruichladdich dram or two to help me stay steady!

I sensed my surplus and left her with a pizza thought. I explained that before, she was probably about a third of his pizza maybe more and he was about half of her pizza probably more. Out of my three children, she has been slower to learn all things and her overall perspective can still be narrow. It worries me a small amount, particularly as she will lose the safety net of school in a year. But I have been in those shoes and so hopefully I can keep lurking in the shadows and bounce her back in to where she needs to be. I have no idea if I can do it. But I will try. And, in any case, a narrow perspective is sometimes very refreshing as well as strong. Anyway, my thought for us today is that pizza is quite a good way to think of our own health and balance.

Are they running in any way similar? There may be absolutely nothing we can do about it, but just facing the reality can be enough to begin to feel differently. I hope your Sunday is rounded and balanced, with or without pizza. I have had plenty of colitis flare ups before, but the severity this time really took me by surprise. The brain fog and confusion are the worst symptoms. I was forgetting everything I may not be a professional musician anymore, but the effect of music on the mind body and soul never ceases to amaze me.

I hope you all have music that you can turn to make yourself feel better, be it for mental health, physical health or both. The Portsmouth Rose A Moodscope member. Years ago, a woman who, back in contact with me after uni, had arranged a few get togethers with our young children. Below are things people have said to me over the years. Have you heard them too? I know the party only started 15 minutes ago, but I must leave. The speaker knows he or she is trying to insult someone. Or I guess the speaker might be trying to add insult to injury: both making a nasty remark and masking it.

How do you feel when someone says nothing personal, but you know they are being personal? Does it change how you react if the person is a friend or family member and not a stranger? If someone says they were being funny, does it feel less personal? Feeling connected to the outside world has been hard during this pandemic. Consider this, my first Moodscope post, a little flare sent up into the dark, as I attempt to make contact! One of the hurdles which have made it difficult to feel part of the world has been lockdowns and social distancing of course. Plus, my Depression and Anxiety usually cause me to isolate myself and push others away. Long Covid is another one; it has prevented me from being physically able to visit friends and family in other cities or countries, and the rarity of my condition has put another barrier between myself and others.

Yes, it certainly has been a lonely year and a half, and for some of it, I felt completely lost. I was desperate for human contact, to socialise or go out dancing; but at the same time, connecting to other felt risky, pointless, tiring, confusing. I tried to create a sense of togetherness by writing to a few close friends and family, but as the novelty wore off for them and the rate of replies decreased, this started to be less helpful.

Eventually, I decided to seek support through the internet, as you do. Then, although I loathe social media, I created an anonymous, bare-bones Facebook account so I could join a few groups for people with Long Covid, to swap stories. I branched out a bit more as Depression loosened its grip on me, and as my prior passions came back into focus, I joined groups on and off Facebook related to those things as well. I was able to share more of my real self using a generic avatar instead of my own face, and in return, people were welcoming, interesting and…not so bad! I hope to find more ways to connect to others IRL soon, as things open up and my physical capabilities slowly improve.

Where do you find community? Remember to cherish them. Naomi A Moodscope member. Is it a battle? Do you see coping with depression or bipolar as a fight against the enemy, or as something to be endured, or as some monster taking you hostage from time to time and against which you are powerless? I think I have been in the latter two camps, but it has never really been a fight. My bipolar disorder is as much a part of me as having blue eyes. I accept it and see it as something I must live with, and which must be managed as well as possible. While general information is invaluable — the internet is great here, so long as you choose reputable websites, the most helpful source of information is self-awareness. I have noticed several physical indicators that allow me to at least prepare for what is to come.

Some of these can be noticed by others who know me well; some of them are internal. Although my medication controls the worst of the symptoms, the ups and downs are still there. I have periods of ebullient high energy and times of extreme fatigue, where the world retreats in muffled and faded tones to the far horizon. I start to feel nauseous a symptom of anxiety, although I am not conscious of feeling anxious and it sometimes feels as if there are spiders dancing under my skin. When I notice this, or my husband points out that I am not eating, then I know it is time to review the diary for the coming month at least and cancel everything not absolutely essential.

The depression part of the cycle is one of endurance and rest. It is not as bad as it used to be. Approaching the end of this period I experience about a week or so of bad headaches. One of the indications of fatigue, that I have done too much and exhausted myself, is that my speech centres start to malfunction, and I stutter. I call all these physical symptoms my Early Warning System.

There is, yet no cure for bipolar disorder and, while medication can alleviate our condition, we must still be responsible and manage ourselves. Have you noticed any physical indications that give you advance warning of depression or manic periods? If so, how do you respond? Mary A Moodscope member, Thoughts on the above? I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, then abandoned it as rambling and over-dramatic. In early the house next to ours was bought by a young couple. It had been very neglected for years, and they got it at a bargain price. We knew there would be noise and disruption, but looked forward to being rid of the eyesore, not to mention the possible increase in value it could bring to our own Victorian terrace.

They are a lovely couple, both hospital doctors who slogged away on the wards throughout the worst of the pandemic. The planned building work was obviously put on hold, and they effectively camped out in there for months. Early this year work began in earnest. The place has been gutted, taken back to brick, floors removed with what sound like pneumatic drills, everything ripped out and replaced. Some work continues well into the evening if they are on late shifts. The pair had to move out for a month or so, and I so wished I could do the same, as my house vibrated from the machinery pounding on the other side of the wall. My dogs are affected too. I got up after a sleepless night, giddiness heralding a migraine.

Spock took the dogs for a quick walk, and I tidied up, had a cool shower and took Ibuprofen. The plan was to lie down and try to grab some sleep. Then it started. Shouting and singing outside. I looked out and my heart sank as a team of scaffolders arrived. After a few days without workmen we hoped for a break. I tried the rear bedroom, but the window fitters were ripping out the ground floor windows, music blasting.

They were lovely jokey men, like all the workmen they have employed. Everyone apologises for the racket, boxes of chocolates get left for us. No one is to blame, the work has to be done. Later in the morning a tradesman arrived on the other side of us, installing decking and talking loudly on his mobile. I set off for a walk in the burning midday sun, struggling to stay upright as the migraine took hold. The rest of the week was a repeat of that day. I had not been depressed or excessively anxious before this, but as the days wore on my mood sank.

Therefore the fault must lie within me-right? I once did a test, aimed at so-called extra sensitive people. I was not surprised that I scored very highly. I also felt a bit embarrassed. The fact is we all have to make some noise, and the resultant misery it causes me is just unfortunate. Likewise for every person I met who was suffering in the heatwave, there were many more who felt on top form. Among the list of jobs to be completed in the weeks ahead is the demolition of an ugly extension, building a conservatory, garden landscaping and tree felling. I am filled with dread. I also feel so sorry for the people on the other side of them.

She is a fellow migraineur, last year she developed epileptic seizures. Like us, they like the young couple and admire them for taking on such a challenge, but tolerance wears thin after a time. I tell myself I am blessed to live in a quiet part of a peaceful town. There are many for whom loud daily noise is unavoidable, and I wonder if there are higher rates of mental illness and stress in such areas.

How about you, can your mood be thrown out of kilter by external factors like the temperature and noise? I once knew a woman whose mood could plummet due to certain smells or tastes, but was otherwise stable and happy. Today is peaceful and coolish, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Val A Moodscope member. I love to breathe! Even better is conscious breathing.

In the gap between stimulus and reaction there is a space. This space is where we can choose to breath consciously and then respond instead of reacting on autopilot. Pausing to breathe can break the trance and bring us back to purpose-directed choice. When the focus becomes directed, energy follows focus. Breathe — Relax- Respond. This, I believe, forces a stronger emotional-chemical reaction designed to save us from danger.

However, as we mature into more rational and considered versions of ourselves, conscious breathing can take command of where we focus. As we focus on our breathing instead of the perceived threat, the chemical-mist can clear and a way forward can be discerned. We can choose calm. We can think clearly. Breathing is a good idea — but conscious breathing is pure genius! My garden table sits 6 people. I painted it a few years ago and it took on a whole new life. I brought the table here from our old house and it fitted an area perfectly, just outside the living room doors. The space is rectangular and so is the table.

My brain fitted them together and we were all happy. Twelve years of happy. That was until this summer. This summer, as I do every couple of years, I sanded and painted the table and chairs. I swept and cleaned the area around them and hung some lights. When it came time to put everything back, my son helped me. For some reason the table ended up, just for a moment, sitting across the rectangle.

And my son and I looked at each other. The table felt so much better this way! Why had none of us ever noticed this before? It still makes me smile each time I pass. And it means that a change is sometimes an enormous gift. Okay, back to basics. Not much thinking, a bit of CBT and most importantly, Me time. I am grateful for the time each day that I can call my own. This falls mainly into two periods; first thing in the morning and in the evening after dinner. The early morning is the great escape. My sole focus upon rising is to get outside before anybody wakes. I am usually up between 7. Enough time to wash face, get dressed clothes laid out in kitchen the night before and consume half a banana and a glass of water.

Mandatory visit to loo on the way from bedroom to kitchen! I then grab phone and keys and I am outside. The best part of the day. The cool fresh air on my face, the quiet stillness, the early bird songs and the colours and scents of the garden. I am in the moment, reconnecting with outside world. Then I have to make a decision; which path to take. I have a choice of around half a dozen using the local waterways, parks and walkways.

The main experience is being with nature before most of world has woken. Sometimes I meet somebody, a complete stranger or a regular walker often with dog. This is a bonus because we usually exchange a few words and it adds to my connection process. Now to my early evening escape. After evening dinner and before I settle down to watch TV I escape to the office. Door shut, computer on, select sixties music and You Tube does the rest. For the next 30 minutes I am immersed in nostalgia. Slow romantic ballads to upbeat rock, quite a mixture.

Excellent treatment for anxiety. Particularly if you know the words and can sing along! Why is Me time important? Because you need to find some peace with yourself. If you respect yourself you are in a much better place to help others. And if others respect you they will understand your need for a short time alone. Me time has nothing to do with being selfish. It is part of finding the correct balance in your life between all available options. So there is no reason to feel guilty. I quite often don't feel like talking about it on my Difficult Days either. And I'll always be here for you, Pooh.

Unlike Pooh and Piglet and I know that I and other Moodscopers may not have a friend who understands about difficult days and be there for you by sitting near you. Sometimes even a text, an email, a phone call on a difficult day can make us feel someone understands. I like the way Pooh and Piglet feel they can communicate with each so simply that it is a much loved book for such a long time for adults and children. In the daytime, it is a main artery into the town, with a couple of school time pulses of activity, but at night it is empty and quiet.

There are wide verges of grass before the front gardens, and in the shadows it is incredibly peaceful. I moved here about a year before lockdown, and so I know most of neighbours in surrounding houses by sight and viewed their daily activities because of Lock down boredom observation. The middle-aged couple, who trim their hedges with precision, the daughter who emerges and goes somewhere. A few doors down, the cyclist on his Sunday lycra clad excursion, a fine specimen of a sportsman. At night from my sleeplessness, I peer into the semi light of the street and feel the warmth, thinking of the familiar daytime sights and am comforted.

I also know neighbours through a street whatsapp group set up after Covid started. So in this way I know neighbours and feel the community, even though they are somewhat hidden, and the identities are elusive. Either I know the face or the name, or some idiosyncratic habit they may have the early morning jogger. The feeling is good. Similarly, on Moodscope, I know the scopers through a veil, their handles, their comments, a vague location, a few family details but what they sound or look like is a mystery apart from the velvet voice and golden sight of Lex in his videos.

In the same way I am comforted by the scopers, familiarity, consistency and regularity. I wonder if the magic would be broken and the fragility of the community disrupted if the connection was more visible? On balance, I think as Covid eases, I would like to know my street neighbours more, but will go gently and expansion will be gradual as I explore new personalities and the richness of the tapestry that surrounds me. What are you planning to expand? If anything? Daisy A Moodscope member. It never was worthwhile. They fill me with unease. They seem to embrace the British mentality of putting on a brave face and making the best of things with a stiff upper lip. When these experiences are negative, they can poison our new relationships. I recently attended a workshop on resilience.

After the past eighteen months, we have all needed resilience. I found that idea interesting. It is a trunk made of sapient pearwood which faithfully follows its owner around on hundreds of little legs. Among its many interesting properties, I love the fact that you can always find what you need inside it and, when you throw into it your dirty laundry, what comes out is clean, dry and ironed clothes, smelling faintly of lavender.

If you needed a diamond ring, or a mountain of gold, you would also find it inside. How else do we learn compassion, understanding and wisdom? It always takes time; we must always pack pain away for a time while we try to cope with everyday life but, when we eventually unpack, we might see those experiences differently. Our scars, however, can be either viewed as disfiguring or as badges of honour. How much time does it take for our baggage to be transformed into treasure? Well, a diamond takes between one and three billion years to form naturally. An identical diamond can be made in a lab in three weeks. Not many of us have luggage made of sapient pearwood, but we do have tools to transform our pain.

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When Zuzu mentioned that he might know all about Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Summoning, Yuya told her what Yuto had told him about the world being made up of four dimensions, and that the Fusion Dimension, where Sora lived, and the Xyz Dimension, where Yuto and Shay lived, were at war. He also told her that he had found Sora dueling against Yuto, until he watched Sora disappear. Then he told her about Yugo, who also looked like him, and who Yuto had called a "Pawn of Fusion". He theorized that maybe Yugo had been the one who captured Lulu , then went to look at the "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" card Yuto had given him. When Zuzu asked him about it, he said that Yuto had given it to him after saving him from "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", and that he remembered nothing afterwards.

He expressed his confusion about why both Yuto and Yugo looked just like him, and was surprised when Zuzu told him that Lulu supposedly also looked like her. He realized that Shay may know something about the four dimensions, and they both went to Centre Court to ask him. When they arrived, Yuya was greeted by Gong, who hugged him, and Skip, who said that both he and Gong were really worried about him. Frederick, Allie and Tate also arrived and were happy to see that he was ok. Frederick apologized for losing his duel against Riley, saying that he was so shocked by Riley's Synchro Summon that he got the shivers. Yuya consoled him by saying that he should give Riley the shivers next time, until he suddenly remembered Sora claiming that there were no second chances in battle, and froze.

Aura then appeared, delighted that he had woken up, and went to kiss him, but he simply dodged her and went to talk to Julia, Dipper and Kit, who were also there. He asked to see Shay, as he had a lot of questions to ask him, but Kit told him that Shay wouldn't even give him the time of day. He suggested that Yuya and his friends should come and watch his next match, and they did. Yuya watched in shock as Iggy Arlo , Kit's opponent, violently attacked him in competition for Action Cards and emerged as the victor.

He was further amazed to discover that he would face Iggy in the next round. He reflected that Yuto had told him to make everyone smile with his dueling, and he resolved to do so against Iggy. Iggy's violent dueling method put Yuya at a disadvantage by preventing him from getting any Action Cards. Yuya finally managed to obtain one, but this came at the cost of his Life Points being reduced to Cornered and at the edge of defeat, Yuya once again experienced a burning sensation in his chest and then saw of vision of Yuto, during which Yuto's soul merged with Yuya's.

After this vision, Yuya personality drastically changed. Without any hesitation, Yuya used its effect to defeat Iggy, which stunned the whole audience. Once the duel was over, Yuya returned to normal. Seeing Iggy kneeling in defeat, Yuya tried to help him stand, but Iggy rejected his help. Yuya then turned to his friends and the audience who were shocked by Yuya's actions, making Yuya question himself about what he had done,saying that even though he won the duel, it felt like he lost. The next day, Yuya and the others were watching Zuzu's match. Unlike his friends, Yuya was not very enthusiastic in cheering Zuzu on because he was still depressed with his previous victory against Iggy.

However, Yuya started to regain his resolve when he saw the smiles on the audiences' faces while watching Zuzu's dueling and once again remembering Yuto's words to duel with smiles. Overcoming his depression, Yuya smiled happily at Zuzu when she won, finally regaining his spirit. Yuya wins against Nagi and Taka. Like in the duel against Iggy, their violent dueling methods not only prevented Yuya from getting Action Cards but also prevented him from attacking them. With Dennis' help, the tide turned in their favor. Dennis allowed Yuya to finish the duel. The moment he Summoned them, "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" appeared in Yuya's mind, which almost caused him to Awaken , if not for Dennis' moral support. Shay immediately asked Yuya what happened to Yuto and accused the former that he had done something to his comrade since Yuya had Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

Yuya answered that Yuto entrusted the card to him and told him to bring smiles with his Duels. Before Yuya could explain further, they were interrupted by the Knights of the Duel Disks Duelists, who were dueling each other and purposely surrounded Shay so their attack would hit him without getting penalized. Yuya, who was beside Shay, also got caught in the attack and blown away. Sora and the Obelisk Force then appeared, shocking Yuya. He called out to Sora, but he was ignored. Yuya challenges the Obelisk Force. The event triggered a vision of Yuto's memory when Heartland was invaded. The enemies' cowardly tactics prevented Yuya from using Action Cards or avoiding their attacks. The Obelisk Force taunted Yuya by mockingly showing the Knight of Duels' Duelists' cards and told him he would share the same fate, enraging Yuya further.

This started to panic the Obelisk Force, and they used their monsters to counterattack, reducing Yuya's LP to , but despite the damage he took, Yuya remained unfazed and instead smiled wickedly. However, even after defeating the Obelisk Force, Yuya proceeded to go to where Shay and Sora were, ignoring a falling pillar that would have crushed him had Gong not protected him. Gong and Aura took Yuya to the Jungle area where he was restrained by Gong, Reed, and Trout, while Aura used her crystal ball to see what was inside Yuya's heart.

She found that there were two souls inside him, along with a pitch black darkness. Yuya went unconscious and later awoke without remembering his duel against the Obelisk Force. He then explained what happened prior to his Awakening state to Gong and the others. Hearing Aura's explanation about the presence of another soul inside him, Yuya realized that the other heart was none other than Yuto, and his anger for what happened during Duel Academy's invasion was what triggered his change. This made Yuya wonder why Yuto, who entrusted him "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" so he could make people smile with his Duels, would let him be overwhelmed by so much anger.

As he was resting, Yuya contemplated of Yuto's memories that he had saw and finally understood Yuto's anger and sadness, believing that Yuto wasn't lying when he said to make everyone and their future smile with his Duels and the one who was trying to consume him is the darkness that also within him. This made Yuya afraid for a moment until he was reminded by his father's encouraging words, making him even more resolute to duel with the way he believed. Deciding to find his other friends out of worry, he and Gong split up with Reed and Trout. They were then approached by Dennis who informed them where Zuzu was, but Zuzu was transported with Yugo through her bracelet's power just as Yuya arrived. Yuya and Gong continued their search at the Ancient Ruins, but didn't find Zuzu there and proceeded to the Volcano area, only to find Sora dueling against Sun Shadow.

Yuya immediately asked Sora to stop by shouting at him until Sora finally responded that they would talk after he defeated Sun Shadow, which angered Yuya. Gong stopped Yuya when he was about to interfere and pointed out Celina, whom they mistook for Zuzu, dueling against the Obelisk Force with Moon Shadow and Shay. Yuya started to be consumed by the darkness when he witnessed Reed and Trout being sealed into cards , followed by Sun Shadow , who lost to Sora. This caused Yuya to be momentarily taken over by darkness, and he angrily confronted Sora, telling him that he was wrong.

However, Yuya returned to his senses after hearing Yuto's voice that reminded him of their wish. Determined to bring back Sora's smile, Yuya challenged Sora to a duel, which Sora accepted. He took Yuya to another side of the area so no one could interfere with their duel. Yuya activates " Flame Surge ". Believing that Sora's smile when they first dueled was genuine, Yuya tried to make Sora see the error of his view about dueling, but Sora just ridiculed Yuya's belief and persisted that dueling is to continue fighting. This made Yuya question if they were not friends anymore, which Sora confirmed because to him, his goal and victory was more important than friendship. This didn't stop Yuya from trying to change Sora's mind.

Yuya hesitated for a moment to Summon "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon", but decided to trust Yuto who told him to bring smile with duel and Summoned it. Yuya and Sora try to reach the last Action Card. As the attack of "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" was about to hit, both Yuya and Sora tried to reach an Action Card, but the Battle Royal reached its time limit, dismissing the Action Field and thus leaving the duel unfinished. Yuya finally noticed that the rest of his friends were present as well before calling out to Celina whom he still mistook as Zuzu until Celina made it clear herself.

Thinking that Zuzu might have been turned into a card, he turned to Sora, but Sora returned to his own dimension before Yuya could question him. Declan then arrived, and Sylvio revealed that the Battle Royal served as a test to determine Duelists suitable to fight Duel Academy and the Fusion Dimension. Once Declan revealed that he had been watching the battle and let them fight to determine who could survive the battle against Duel Academy, Yuya broke into tears as he thought about Zuzu, Reed, Trout, and all the Duelists who had been and might have been turned into cards.

A furious Yuya blamed Declan for what happened to the others and tried to punch him, but Declan easily caught his fist and instead proposed for them to duel since they were Duelists, which Yuya accepted. Declan activated " Neo Heartland City " for them to duel on, which reminded Shay of his homeland tragedy. Declan asked what happened before at Xyz Dimension, but Shay couldn't say it, prompting Declan to tell them what happened. However, before Declan could elaborate any further, both Yuya and Yuto, still in Yuya's body, shouted at him to stop and start their duel.

Yuya asked Declan if he was satisfied with how many people were defeated and how many people survived from the Battle Royal, while declaring that they were not his puppets. Yuya then recalled how Zuzu helped him on his Pendulum Summoning and how she tried hard to become stronger, so he would do the same. He managed to destroy all three of Declan's monsters and inflict damage to Declan with "Rune-Eyes". Yuya insisted that he had no intention to become a Lancer, but was surprised when Declan asked if he didn't want to save Zuzu, implying that Zuzu wasn't sealed in a card.

He further goaded Yuya to fight by telling him to defeat him first before rescuing Zuzu from Duel Academy. Yuya once again asked what happened to Zuzu, but Declan reminded him of their dueling conditions. This triggered the memories of when Reed was sealed into a card and the tragedy of Xyz Dimension, causing Yuya to nearly Awaken, but he barely suppressed it. Gong and Aura intended to help him, but Yuya told them to stay back because this was his, Zuzu's, and Yuto's duel.

He stated his resolution that he would definitely save Zuzu and fulfill his promise with Yuto, declaring he must not lose to someone who would duel for toying or hurting people. Frustrated at his loss, Yuya swore that he needed to become stronger to save Zuzu. After the duel, Yuya became despondent as he and the other Lancers appeared before the audience and Nico announced the winners of the Battle Royal. He remained in this state even as Henrietta and Declan explained the Lancers' formation. After the announcement, Celina gave Zuzu's clothes to Yuya and left with Declan. The latter three congratulated Yuya and Celina who they mistook for Zuzu for winning the Battle Royale, but he did not return the sentiment.

Yuya returned Zuzu's clothes to Skip and sadly explained that he couldn't protect her because she was taken to another dimension. He and Aura revealed that it was not Zuzu who was with them the whole time, but Celina, a girl who happened to somewhat resemble Zuzu. After the explanations, Yoko led Yuya away and told the others to come to an abandoned arcade. She forced Yuya into a duel with her, but he fled, and Yoko started to chase him and reveal her past. Eventually, Yuya agreed to the duel.

During the duel, Yoko took control of his monsters with " Road Raven Red Queen " and attacked him with them. Through these attacks, Yoko told her son that his father, Yusho, was the one who saved her years ago. Yoko congratulated Yuya on the victory and he renewed his vow to save Zuzu and Sora. The next day, Declan announced that the Lancers would be departing for the Synchro Dimension to recruit more allies. Yuya tried to reason that they just arrived, but Celina and Sylvio leaped headfirst into the Duel Sector Security forced them into, ignoring his warnings. Despite Celina's victory, more Sector Security officers arrived and cornered the Lancers. Yuya and Crow argue over their different outlooks.

The Synchro user, Crow Hogan, expressed his admiration for Yuya's defense of Riley, and offered for Yuya and the Lancers to stay at his place until events calm down. Yuya was somewhat displeased when Sylvio claimed that Yuya was his apprentice, and after Sylvio revealed where they'd come from, he backed him up. Two of the orphans that Crow took care of, Frank and Tarren , returned with stolen food, and as they were being told off by Crow, the orphans asked why Yuya and Celina had been at a cafe earlier.

Yuya and Celina realized that the kids were talking about Zuzu and Yugo, and wanted to go and find them, but Crow explained about the class system of the Topsiders and the Commons and that Sector Security would be looking for them. Crow offered to go and look for them himself. Crow returned empty-handed, so Celina decided to go and look herself after deeming Crow's efforts useless. Yuya protested, since Crow had already done so much for them, but Celina and Sylvio left regardless, though Yuya was able to stop Riley from leaving.

One of Crow's friends who had assisted in rescuing them, Shinji Weber , arrived with food for the kids, and warned Yuya not to get the kids in trouble. As the kids ate, Yuya and Crow conversed about Riley's timid nature, but the conversation eventually devolved into an argument about what was most important; a full stomach or a smile on one's face, Yuya claiming that a full stomach meant nothing if you couldn't smile. Eventually, he and Crow decided to Duel to settle their argument. Yuya is captured by Sector Security. Their duel was interrupted by Sector Security, who had tracked the returning Celina and Sylvio back to Crow's hideout. Sector Security arrested all the Lancers save Declan's younger brother, who was nowhere to be found, much to Yuya's panic.

Yuya was taken to the Facility , learning on the way that Moon Shadow had rescued Riley. Shinji, who had been captured as well, explained that there could only be one place that they were going. When they arrived at the Facility, Celina was taken to solitary confinement, and she cautioned Yuya not to make a scene. Yuya's Duel Disk was taken, but he was allowed to keep his Deck. The group were taken to a cell, where they met up with Gong and Dennis, who had been captured the previous day. Gong almost crushed Yuya in a powerful hug, and Dennis explained that Shay was in solitary confinement as well. The newcomers were bullied in the cafeteria and Yuya witnessed prisoners giving away their cards in exchange for preferential treatment.

He was shocked to learn that Gong had done so, until Gong's lackeys explained that Gong had done so for them. The group were then taken to the boss of the prisoners, Chojiro Tokumatsu , who ordered them to hand over their cards for preferential treatment, and Yuya refused, given that he wasn't planning on remaining in the prison. Chojiro decided to take them by force and duel Yuya. In a tight spot, Yuya was able to set up an infinite loop that prevented him from taking damage when he drew, forcing Chojiro to draw cards. Chojiro and the watching prisoners began to enjoy the duel, driving Yuya into a corner with " Flower Cardian Boardefly ", but Yuya was able to destroy Chojiro's Trap Card and set up a combo that allowed him to win.

Yuya learned that Crow was planning to escape from the prison and he tried to go along, but Crow refused to let him. Shinji and Chojiro convinced Yuya to take place in a Duel Tournament between Yuya, Chojiro and Sylvio, but Yuya was distracted for most of the tournament, until he saw Gong and Crow encouraging him and Dennis leaping into the prison's upper levels. Realizing that they were all going to escape, Yuya continued the duel with passion, but events went awry when the guards discovered Crow, Damon and Shinji escaping. Yuya aided in restricting the guards with "Hippo Carnival", and was confronted by Chojiro, who was furious that Yuya had used the duel for such purposes.

Yuya explained about Zuzu to Chojiro, and Chojiro attempted to buy time for Yuya, but was saved by his lackies, who tossed rare cards all over the place to distract the guards. Yuya seized his chance to escape through the air duct that Damon had exposed, following Chojiro and Sylvio. The group fled after an ineffectual attack by Sylvio, Yuya cushioning their fall with "Performapal Trampolynx". Gong intervened, but his attempted attack lock was broken by the Stomptroopers " Goyo King ".

Shay arrived and wiped out the Stomptroopers with "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon". Before they could be returned to the Facility, enforcers from the High Council requested that the Lancers and the accomplices be brought to them. The Council and Jean interrogated them, and Yuya explained their intentions and their origins, in addition to the conflict with Duel Academy. Declan, Riley, and Moon Shadow, who had already been talking with the Council, backed them up. The Lancers were separated, though the Council reassured them that they would be unharmed, and Crow urged Yuya to crush Jack, who he called a traitor.

Yuya asked Sam , his attendee, about Jack, though Sam was somewhat timid in his response. Yuya apologized for putting him on the spot. He entered the arena as a Turbo Duelist, concerned about dueling while driving a Duel Runner. Jack entered the arena next, and while Yuya was irritated that Jack predicted how the match would go, he was intrigued by Jack claiming that his dueling was entertainment. He was relived upon starting the Duel that the autopilot would allow him to duel as he normally did. Yuya loses to Jack. Dropping back, Jack told Yuya that his dueling was only self-satisfactory, and far from entertainment, then he proceeded to Synchro Summon " Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend " and wipe Yuya's field with its effect, then attack directly for the win, blasting Yuya from his Duel Runner.

Yuya woke up in the penthouse, where he pondered his loss to Jack, who hadn't just won, but had dictated the flow of the duel. He was greeted by the High Council via hologram. They explained that he would stay in the penthouse as a participant in the Friendship Cup; the duel with Jack having been only an exhibition match, Yuya was still in the tournament. They cautioned him that this would not be the case if he lost again. Realizing that Zuzu must be in the penthouse as well, he passionately vowed to rescue her, no matter what. Sam then approached the room, sliding a " Tuning Magician " through the doorframe and asking Yuya to return it to Jack and defeat him.

Sam claimed that Jack's time at the top had made him arrogant to the point of giving Sam the low-ATK, low-Level card and telling him that it suited him best. Yuya later watched the first duel of the tournament between Gong and Crow. He was surprised when Gong became the first person to pull off a Pendulum-Synchro Summon, and while he was disappointed to see Gong lose to Crow, he was encouraged to see that the crowd were cheering in unison, as opposed to being up in arms over their differing opinions of Jack. Fortunately, it was simply Chojiro that had came to visit, having bribed his way out of his room with a rare card.

Chojiro explained that he'd heard a rumor that the losers in the Friendship Cup would be sent to the Underground Labor Facility to do forced labor, where captured escapees were also sent and from where no-one had returned. Yuya was horrified by the existence of such a place and worried about Gong. He then learned from the announcements that Riley would be dueling Shinji next, and he disapproved of Riley Turbo Dueling and even being in the tournament. Riley suddenly burst into the room and tightly hugged Yuya, refusing to duel against Shinji.

Declan entered and Yuya furiously asked him why he was making Riley fight, and why he'd forced Riley to come with them. Declan admitted that he'd told Riley to accompany them, as he needed to gain experience and was necessary in the fight against Duel Academy. Yuya told Declan to shut up, and stated that Riley had been terrified and lonely since they'd arrived in the Synchro Dimension, trying to find Declan. Yuya vowed not to let Riley fight, and to protect him himself if Declan wouldn't. Declan then asked Riley why he wouldn't duel, and Riley explained that Shinji had been kind to him.

Declan realized that Riley didn't want to Duel a friend and ordered Moon Shadow to duel instead. He left, and Riley panicked and ran after him. Declan explained that he was pleased, not angry, since this meant that Riley's sense of self was growing. Yuya was confused by the term, and he tried to get Declan's little brother to stay with him, knowing that Declan would make him fight in the future, but Chojiro told him to let Riley be, since forcing Riley to stay with Yuya would be contradictory to his original statement of Declan not forcing him, and since Riley probably liked Declan more than Yuya. At Sam's request, Yuya returned to his room, and he turned to confront Declan again in anger, but the door closed and locked him in. He was happy that Zuzu was able to win, but regretful that Chojiro was sent to the underground labor facility.

He dueled against Officer in the second day of the Friendship Cup, and his entrance was booed by the crowd. Yuya attempted to protest against the Friendship Cup for sending the losers to do forced labor, but to his utter shock neither the crowd of Commons nor Melissa Trail saw anything wrong with that. To his surprise, brought out a Fusion Monster, " Goyo Emperor ", and took control of most of Yuya's field. The crowd's bloodlust for battle rather than entertainment briefly set Yuya off, causing his eyes to glow while Awakened.

Yuya then consciously Special Summoned " Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon ", used its effect to destroy "Goyo Emperor", reclaimed control of his monsters, then brutally attacked with "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" for the win, deliberately knocking off his Duel Runner. Initially downcast at the win, Yuya attempted to stop the staff from taking the injured away. The effects ended after Yugo was victorious, and Yuya watched helplessly as Sylvio was taken away. Yuya watched the duel between Damon and Sergey Volkov , and he was shocked by the sudden and brutal climax that resulted in Damon's defeat. Moon Shadow approached his room, explaining that Declan was not abandoning the other Lancers to the underground and that he had lost to Shinji on purpose to collect information.

He then delivered a message from Riley, encouraging Yuya to defeat Jack and ensure that the people of the Synchro Dimension would listen to them, adding that Jack had told Riley not to hesitate when trying to attain a goal. Yuya attempted to pass a message onto Riley, but Moon Shadow explained that he could not, since Riley had returned to the main hall. Yuya instead had Moon Shadow give a letter to Zuzu, reassuring her that he would win the tournament in order to bring smiles to the people of New Domino, and to return home with their comrades. He was surprised when he realized that the last match of the first round was between two Lancers; Shay and Dennis. Yuya wondered if the purpose of the match was to create internal conflict.

He was surprised when Shay vowed to show Dennis's true colors, especially when he realized how similar the duel was to Shay's duel with Sora. The reminder of the events Awakened Yuto inside Yuya, and Yuto revealed his anger to Yuya, asking if he understood it. Yuya agreed that he did, and briefly Awakened, but he calmed down and reaffirmed his wish to bring smiles to New Domino. Yuya watched the duel between Zuzu and Sergey Volkov , cheering for her in his room. He noted that Sergey was up to something with his odd strategy of steadily wearing down his own LP and he was horrified after witnessing Zuzu's brutal defeat.

He angrily wondered whether she was okay and why no one was searching for her, but he was then called to Duel Shinji. Worried about Zuzu, Yuya tried to talk to Shinji out of the idea of revolution against the Tops, but he was unable to convince him, and Shinji explained that as a loser, Zuzu would be discarded, which was why he wanted to change New Domino's society. He told Yuya to win the duel if he wanted to get his message across. Yuya was unable to concentrate on his duel because he was still worried about Zuzu.

He tried to end the duel quickly by using " Gap Power " to strengthen his monsters, but was unable to. Shinji rallied the Commons and chastised Yuya for using the card's effect wastefully. After a few turns Sora called him from a rooftop which surprised Yuya, showing him that Zuzu was okay by showing him her helmet. Trusting in Sora's message that Zuzu was fine, Yuya continued the duel. Shinji and the crowd mocked Yuya's use of the card when Yuya used the effect of "Tuning Magician" to reduce his LP and heal Shinji's, but Yuya replied that no card was useless.

This trust allowed him to create " Enlightenment Paladin ", which he proceeded to Pendulum - Synchro Summon for the first time and use to defeat Shinji by re-using "Gap Power" to use the effect of "Tuning Magician" to his advantage. After his victory, Sam met Yuya as he returned to the Duel Palace. The Topsiders thanked Yuya as he "stopped" Shinji's drivel about the revolution, while the Commons expressed their hatred for Shinji's defeat. Yuya realized that he put the victory over his Dueltaining so he could reach Jack and that had deepened the commotion between him and the Commons.

Shinji returned and at the same time, Jean-Michel Roget approached Yuya as he was impressed by the duel, especially when Yuya Pendulum-Synchro Summoned. The Commons suspected that Yuya had connections to the Topsiders and Sector Security and that this was why Yuya had been chosen as Jack 's opponent earlier despite being unknown in New Domino. Roget defended Yuya saying that he just believed in his potential, due to Pendulum Summoning.

Jean-Michel Roget congratulates Yuya for his victory. Roget claimed that it was best for Yuya to test Pendulum Summoning in his duel with Jack, where Roget expected Jack's victory. Shinji accused the match of being fixed, but Roget put him in his place and sent Shinji to the Underground Labor Facility. Although Shinji was vowing revenge on Yuya, Yuya vowed in turn to rescue Shinji from the Underground, claiming that he wouldn't abandon him.

Roget told the officer to let him go. Yuya escaped the Duel Palace and started to call for Sora all over New Domino, not knowing that he was being followed by an officer. Sora found Yuya and the two of then hid. Yuya saves Sora from Sector Security. Sora explained that Zuzu was alive and he kept her in a safe place. He also explained his objectives since the Battle Royal and why he was in the Synchro Dimension: to save Zuzu. Sora had looked unsuccessfully for Zuzu at Duel Academy and had learned that Leo also wanted Zuzu and Celina, so he returned to Standard Dimension only to learn that Declan formed the Lancers, so he came to the Synchro Dimension.

Yuya disagreed because he could not abandon Celina. Yuya saw an officer from a rooftop who attempted to trap Sora in an energy net. Yuya pushed Sora out of the way and got caught instead. Yuya told Sora to protect Zuzu; as Sora left, Yuya wished him luck. Yuya was brought to Roget's office, where he explained his plans of domination over the Synchro Dimension. Roget admits he admires Yuya, to the point where he states Yuya will make a finer choice as King than Jack; Yuya reluctantly refused. Throughout his explanation, Roget attempted to convince Yuya that his and Yuya's vision of the future were the same. He even tried to get Yuya to turn against Sora, [95] though that fell on deaf ears.

When Roget ordered Zuzu's capture, Yuya tried to stop him. Roget then ordered Yuya be sent away, [96] where he will be put under the same mind control program as Sergey. The two subsequently yelled Yuya's own catchphrase. He was then released from his cell to take part in the next duel against Crow. Before their duel started, Crow apologized to Yuya for suspecting that he and the Lancers were working with the Topsiders. Crow agreed to help Yuya and they planned to have Yuya escape during the Duel to rescue everyone in the Capital Building.

Before Yuya could escape, Roget activated the chip he placed in Yuya's helmet, which tortured Yuya through electrocution. After using it at maximum, Yuya's pain caused him to synchronize with Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri , and caused all four of them to Awaken. This inadvertently endangered Yuya; Roget had attempted to manipulate the track to aid Yuya and the power loss had caused a gap to appear in the track. Yuya was able to pass over by equipping "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" with " Supreme Wing ", but the chip in Yuya's helmet was continuously activating and putting his life at risk.

Yuya fell unconscious after the duel and woke up to see Crow urging Yuya to protect Celina from the invaders before Crow was taken to the Underground Labor Facility. Realizing that Duel Academy forces may have begun to arrive, Yuya exited the stadium on his Duel Runner in order to confront them. Yuya quickly realized that the Obelisk Force had indeed arrived in the Synchro Dimension, and he drove down the streets looking for Sora and Celina. When he saw a signal flare, he realized that it might mark the location of Celina as signaled by the Obelisk Force. Barrett demanded that Yuya hand Celina over, but Yuya refused.

Yuya drew " Smile World ", the card his mother gave to him before leaving for the Synchro Dimension. Throughout their duel, Barrett tried to convince Yuya to give up and divulge Zuzu's location and Celina to return with him. Yuya refused to comply and repeated his resolve and determination to prevent Celina's and Zuzu's capture. But when Zuzu arrived her bracelet teleported Yuri and Yugo away, and returned Yuya to his senses.

Yuya became upset when he realized that Zuzu was with him, knowing that the situation got worse since what Duel Academy wanted is now in front of their eyes. Barrett saw the pointlessness of the duel and offered to end it, but decided to go on, touched by Yuya's actions and bravery. This also caused Barrett to gain respect for Yuya's resolve. Yuya was desperate to free Zuzu from "Earthbound Prison" and even got injured while doing so. Zuzu became afraid of Yuya after seeing him Awakened again, upset that she did not want to see Yuya lose himself. With Barrett gone and knowing that he had to end the duel soon due to his low LP, Yuya understood that he was not in a position to bring smiles to people and made the heartbreaking decision to abandon his smile philosophy.

This action surprised Sora, as they were both aware that Yuya would take further damage in destroying that card. The only remnant of Yuya's smile philosophy was to successfully protect Zuzu and make her happy and smile at all costs. Despite Yuya's best efforts, he was eventually defeated by Sergey, who used the effect of " Earthbound Servant Geo Gryphon " to destroy "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" after the latter destroyed the former, then had " Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken " attack him directly.

Believing that Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner smile when they first dueled was genuine, Yuya tried to make Sora see the error of his view about dueling, Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner Sora just ridiculed Dangers Of Overfishing belief Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner persisted that dueling is Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner continue fighting. I Repeat, We Have Nor Despite the high stakes, Celia and Marco soon tumble headfirst College Admissions Essay: What Is Your Legacy To Me? Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner, setting off a domino effect of dangerous consequences, and leaving the lives of everyone, from the performers to the Father Son Relationships In Kite Runner, hanging in the balance. M Action, War.

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