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P!nk - Dear Mr. President (from Live from Wembley Arena, London, England)

In position of the English "Dear" are the words "Poojya", "Aadarneeya", or "Priya" from most formal to most informal , for social writing e. They would not usually be used for business writing. The second may be used in some instances, for example if writing to a teacher. Of these, "Shri" and "Shrimaan" are used to respectfully address married or presumed married men. Shri is most commonly used salutation in Hindi for a married male, while for a married woman, Shrimati is used. For unmarried and young boys Kumar is used, whereas Kumari is the salutation used for unmarried and young girls.

The standard Italian salutation uses the normal style of address to the recipient of the letter, followed by a comma:. If the corresponding person is a doctor or holds Ph. Same rules is practiced in military environments. Most expressions must be modified to account for addressee gender and number. Caro , for example, becomes:. Addressee titles can be professional and are often preceded by Sr. Arquitecto — Arq. Architect , Engenheiro — Eng. Engineer , Padre — Pe. Each military or ecclesiastic rank has one abbreviation, and, historically, nobility ranks also had one—for example, one of the ways of addressing the Portuguese Monarch would be Sua Majestade Your Majesty abbreviated as S. Informal salutations may or may not be followed by the name of the addressee, and almost never contain any titles.

It is also preferred to write out a person's title when addressing a letter and abbreviations such as Prof. An exception is Dr. If the recipient has multiple titles, generally only the most important one is used. Some titles may lose their intended meaning when used in their feminine form. When used to mean a university professor profesor universitar , however, only the masculine form carries this meaning. In very formal situations there can be slight variations in the choice of wording. Most often, more emphasis is added to the adjective stimat esteemed , becoming mult stimat much esteemed or onorat honoured.

When addressing groups, the latter is preferred. This can be used independently of the recipient's gender and is normally followed by the first name. An alternative which is less familiar is salut equivalent to English hi , hello , followed by the first name. This was reflected in written communication from that period. Salutations to unknown parties usually include an honorific like. In Turkish, there are two forms of salutations, formal and informal.

Like most other languages, gender doesn't play a role in the salutation. If the name and the gender of the intended recipient is known though, acceptable salutations are;. Hanim if the intended recipient is female , Bey if the intended recipient is male. These salutations are used with the first names. When the surname is intended to be used, it is combined with "Sayin" instead. In an informal salutation, one can also use "Sevgili Name ", which has almost the same meaning with "Dear Name ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since she was severely injured after the shooting Siz picked up Edna to take her to the car, only to have her bowels give out, releasing hot, steamy shit all over him.

It ended with them in the hospital, with Edna singing "Baby Shark" to sleep on her hospital bed. This ended poorly yet successful in their eyes as all three of them got heavily injured. Siz had his lungs punctured and Stevie got his balls bit by a dog, but the hostage managed to escape during the police interference. A dog got shot down but later revived by the ice cream EMS, Heidi. Kevin , about to sleep, saw all three of them moaning in pain. Kevin was so disappointed they allowed themselves to be used as easily as they were. In fact, Kevin was so disappointed in them that he gave them the keys to his expensive car after a long discussion about doing bad things. Kevin ultimately went home to sleep disappointed when the trio just followed a running convict shouting a language they couldn't speak thinking it was the hostage they saved.

Siz later saw on his radio scanner that a huge jailbreak had occurred at the prison that killed almost all the police officers in the state, giving him free rein to go on a crime spree. He brought Windsong along to investigate the jail and came across Heidi in her ambulance who told them ominously that there will be many deaths. Siz then made Windsong his getaway driver and used her car to go rob all the convenience stores around Los Santos.

The voices in his head seemingly assumed full control, with Siz going on rampage robbing stores and locals for little to no money. However, partway through his spree, Windsong got into a car accident that caused Siz to fly out of the car and severely injure him. Despite this Siz managed to get back in and continued the robberies for a short time before succumbing to blood loss. Windsong then tried to take him up north to the hippy camp for treatment but realized they wouldn't help and took him to Pillbox before the tsunami hit. Later, Siz invited Windsong to his newly bought home, revealing his weed plants, giving her a key, and allowing her to decorate the house.

This, however, let the Family know about Windsong's interference and her capacity to tattle to everyone about the electronics shop idea despite Siz never telling her about the idea in the first place. So, now believing that Windsong would be a liability, Mother got Jacob to try to kill her. Jacob however botched the assassination she tased him and escaped to Pillbox where she described the attack to her doctor, where Siz coincidentally also happened to be starting Siz's feud with the Family.

Siz would later see Windsong injured in the hospital talking about a demonic emotionless voiced man shooting her and attempting to stab her. Siz knew it could only be Jacob. And this was the start of the Feud with the Family Arc. Windsong blamed Siz for the assassination attempt as his name was said during the assassination and kidnapped him after meeting with Vince Offer , the Sham-Wow guy.

Siz knew that the only way to keep her safe was to break up with her. So, when Windsong called Siz a sexist given his impulses to get angry and order her around he took the opportunity to expand upon it and began to make sexist comments directed at her so she would be driven away. She didn't take kindly to this and attempted to run him over with Sunflower, but failed after Siz ran into the nearby river.

Afterward, he would later pass the time with Stevie trying to save a deer stuck in a stand. Windsong would later see Siz with his fully upgraded Brawler. Windsong , wanting to prove that women can drive, challenged Siz to a race. She was driving Tangerine, an orange version of Sunflower. While Siz drove his Brawler improved by Gomer. The result was evident before the match started, Windsong's baseline hybrid lost both times to Siz's supped up Brawler. Even when Siz blew out his tires on the second race and had to stop for more than a minute to repair, he still managed to catch up and win the race.

Windsong's Tangerine had a top speed of 90 mph, while Siz's Brawler was able to reach mph. Windsong wanted a duel between her and Siz, if she won, Siz would respect women. If Siz won, Windsong would tweet about Siz being a great man. During the fight, Siz surprisingly dodged all of Windsong's punches and beat her up so bad that she stopped the fight midway. To make her feel better Siz claimed that he too had received training from John in CQC In reality Siz hadn't received any sort of training and had actually performed poorly in most of the fights he was in prior to the duel. Windsong then fulfilled her end of the bargain and tweeted about Siz's greatness. While trying to purchase a safe house in his surrogate sister's name Erin Siz came home to a horrible surprise.

The realtor who was going to sell said house to Erin had just sold another house to Happy D'Klown with Windsong as his roommate, the house next to Siz's. This caused great distress to Siz because he found Windsong to be horribly annoying and wanted anything else than to have her as his neighbor. Them moving in would be the start of various antics Siz would pull against his newfound neighbors. He began by leaving a pile of shit on their front porch, he then called the police on them after seeing Dab's Lamborghini in their driveway, and most recently on the same night, he broke into their house and began to shoot around to scare them.

After more than a month of being Siz's neighbor, Windsong and Siz had mostly gone their separate ways. Windsong had forgiven Siz for his harsh words during their breakup and moved on to focus on her weed enterprise, largely expanding it to the point where she was one of the largest weed suppliers in the state. She maintained many grow houses packed full of weed, mostly owned by the Vagos. However, she would often sell weed around areas claimed by the Leanbois and would often be taxed.

Her attempts to dodge these taxes were met with hostility by Ricky Robins , a member of the Leanbois who had attempted to tax her many times to no avail. Eventually, this led to a confrontation where he held her at gunpoint and demanded access to one of her stash houses, resulting in his "collection" of the taxes by clearing out said stash house and then banned her from Lean Street. Despite this occurring, Windsong continued to sell on Lean Street when possible causing Ricky to become infuriated with her and wanting her dead for continuously disrespecting both his commands and the Leanbois.

Siz became involved when he witnessed Windsong cowering in fear behind her car over Ricky's very presence while visiting Lean Street to figure out an unrelated situation involving a possible police raid on Lean Boi properties on Lean Street. Siz questioned her as to why she was so scared, being careful not to give away his association with the Leanbois after hearing her explanation. This anonymity wouldn't last long however as Ricky eventually asked Siz what he knew about Windsong ; when Siz informed him of the history between them Ricky devised a plan to bait Windsong into meeting him in a location where he and the other Leanbois would roll up and shoot her.

This however never got a chance to take place as while driving around Mirror Park they Tony , Ricky , Denzel , and Siz were all in one car encountered Happy D'Klown driving with Windsong. Siz pulled up to Happy and began conversing only for Tony to hop out at the same time with an SMG, immediately opening fire on the car containing both Happy and Windsong. Siz and company immediately began looking for them around the state, heading back down to Lean Street to drop Tony off after a repair at the Tuner Shop. They found the duo driving around down there and managed to intercept them on Strawberry street, however, Happy got out of his car and preemptively began shooting the others with a pistol as they got out, beginning a massive firefight.

Ricky and Denzel then began to return fire with their class two weapons, however, Ricky severely injured Denzel by shooting him several times in the back of the head as Denzel crossed into Ricky's line of fire while maneuvering to avoid gunfire from Happy. Despite being severely outgunned, Happy managed to down both Ricky and the hurt Denzel before being shot down by Siz with his excellent marksmanship privately garnering some praise from Siz. Meanwhile, a short moment after Ricky and Denzel began returning fire, Siz got out of his car and approached Windsong , now hiding behind Happy's car with a combat pistol. As he approached her she began to open fire on Denzel , causing Siz to yell at her to stop before downing both Happy and her with a bullpup SMG whilst screaming, "Why!

Why did you guys do this! As a result of this, they all were taken into custody and driven to the hospital where Siz and company were let off with only possession charges with the jail time waived. Happy was also immediately "let go" from the HOA once Siz and Denzel got out of the hospital with the two deciding that his marksmanship didn't make up for the bullets and police fines he brought upon them , although Happy was never told this until more than a week later.

Siz first met Mother during his early days in the state while taking his pay from Facebook. There, in the Facebook lobby is where he would go on his fateful tour with Stevie and Mother. Siz first heard of him when he heard Mother talking about how she might have liked a rapper named Yung Dab. Through Mother , Siz met Yung Dab , where he confided into him that he was just trying to fuck Mother. Siz went along with Dab's charade and told Mother that he treated him well despite Siz being initially threatened by him. Siz would be invited by Mother to an exorcism which would later be revealed to be a sexorcism where a priest would fuck the demon inside the victim. Siz wore a paper bag on his head and started talking like Louis Armstrong to hide his real voice.

This is also where he met Buck for the first time. Jacob gave Siz a shotgun for free, but he was pulled over for shortly afterwards for busted lights and was caught by the police. During this time, Jacob also told Siz the plans for the Family, Jacob wanted him to earn money to buy a home that would later be a front for an electronics store. Mother took Stevie , Siz, and a newcomer Maxine , to a pier to discuss Family matters. Siz immediately became suspicious of her and treated Maxine with contempt, even secretly declaring her his new rival. Siz then caught wind that Maxine may have been an undercover cop, so he recruited a suspicious Stevie to gather evidence against her.

After several days of investigation and the theft of her vehicle, it turned out that Maxine was not an undercover cop, but just an incompetent criminal. This being their first interaction in several months the meeting resulted in a very cold and awkward interaction while Coop introduced himself to Mother. He was surprised that Siz even had another relative in the state, as he had just recently learned Erin was his sister. While they were speaking together, Mother informed Coop and Siz that she was now running a taxi company called Rooster Cab Co. Despite the awkward atmosphere, Mother invited Siz along with Chief Justice Labarre , and Khloe Brooks for a tour of her taxi company's building.

During the ride over to the building Mother asked what Erin had been up to, with Labarre mentioning the precarious situation Erin is in and her lack of responsibility. The next day Siz showed up for his expungement program at Rooster Cab Co. He was to pickup Matthew Payne and bring him to the company HQ and then ferry him to an event the company was going to have at Bahama Mama's West. Siz left Mother behind on purpose and drove to pickup Payne with Ellie , Siz commented on his distaste towards Mother and his desire to take any opportunity he could to stay away from her.

After bringing Payne to the company HQ, he got into contact with Vivi , informed her about Mother's cab company, and asked her to come over to the company HQ. Once she arrived, Siz began convincing Vivi that Mother doesn't really care about her and that she shouldn't get too involved in whatever she was asking of her. This was further exasperated by the fact that Mother did not recognize Vivi had actually arrived for about the next hour and a half She was wearing her private detective uniform, which obscures her face in addition to it being an outfit of hers that Mother had never seen before, even though her purple hair stood out from the back. Siz then proceeded to follow through with his assignment, driving Payne to the event at Bahama Mama's and completing his expungement work for the day.

Bovice is the person Siz fears the most; his unstable persona, intimidating looks, reputation as a serial killer, and creepy voice consistently scare Siz who Bovice refers to as, "Lil Mans" into doing whatever he desires of him. Siz first encountered Bovice by chance on the street where he had coerced Siz into letting him in his vehicle. Bovice then proceeded to become enraged, with him telling Siz that the only way to calm him down was through the use of cocaine. Having several baggies in his possession, Siz quickly returned to his home to appease Bovice out of fear that he would murder him otherwise.

Thus began his fearful relationship with Bovice. He would later take Siz along to stakeout locations under the guise of being Bugstars employees, with Siz taking up the Paul Desnutsio persona. Bovice has so far forced Siz to take part in two murders, the murder of Kizzy Neveah Siz's therapist at the time and most recently Siz's neighbor Happy D'Klown. He also involved Siz in more Bugstars stakeouts and the planning and execution of a terrorist plot to kill all members of the Department of Justice in one fell swoop with three other accomplices although this plot never did happen. Although Bovice would eventually be captured, putting their relationship temporarily on hold as it was no longer possible at the time for Siz to covertly associate himself with Bovice as the Department of Corrections arranged all visitation with their prisoners, so Siz asking for visitation with Bovice would've caused suspicion.

However, their relationship quickly redeveloped by the end of as Siz would become Bovice' s primary middle man in selling ass-meth methamphetamine smuggled out of jail in prisoner's anuses to the state. In addition, in December Siz had managed to be jailed for "the 9's", joining Bovice in prison as a fellow lifer. By this point Siz as a person had also grown quite significantly since their first encounter, and so his blind fear for Bovice had softened into more of a respectful reverence.

However, this resurgence in activity with Bovice wouldn't last as the ass-meth market did not succeed and Bovice woke up less and less often. Those who required ass-meth often already had their own supply from their latest jail sentence as anyone could smuggle ass-meth out of prison. This proved to be the last major interaction Siz had with Bovice for the remainder of 2. In fact, it wouldn't be until nearly six months after the release of the 3. Siz had first met Speedy in a convenience store where they very quickly formed a friendship. Speedy was the one who showed Siz how gangs commit crimes and make money whereas Step Dab was the one who showed Siz how to do heists.

To this end, Speedy showed Siz how to sell weed in bulk on the corner and even showed him how to grow it himself. Eventually, Speedy recruited Siz to manage the copious amount of weed plants in one of his houses, giving him a key to said residence, ten percent of all the product from each harvest, and one of the rooms inside it to do anything he wishes Siz subsequently set up a masturbation area, complete with porn magazines, tissues, and lotion. Siz was so good at attending the plants that Speedy decided to induct Siz into the Vagos and introduce him to his business partners once he further proved himself. However, a few days afterward, the future of the Vagos was beginning to look grim as all of his business partners had either died or left the state, leaving Speedy as the new El Jefe the title for the leader of the Vagos once Jesus died.

However, the continuous profits from his weed operations were still excellent, allowing Speedy to purchase new assets and begin regrowing the Vagos to its former glory. After seeing Siz's continuous maintenance of his weed house in the Barrio, Speedy decided to reward him for his part in obtaining the funds he needed to rebuild the Vagos. So, Speedy told Siz that as a valued friend he was now his right hand man in the Vagos, with this position Speedy also gave him the key to his personal stash house in the Barrio where he keeps a large supply of various materials, drugs, and weapons However, Siz rarely used this house for storage in fear that a raid on the property would've also resulted in any of his own stashed items being taken, as the property in question had been raided several times before.

Speedy is always finding himself into some kind of trouble whether its prison, a gang war, or being taken as a hostage. There was one instance where Siz and Dab took Speedy hostage for a bank heist and Speedy got blasted in the back with a shotgun because he tried to take crack and run away. There was also a time where Speedy unloaded an Uzi into a motorcycle because he thought he was "destroying his enemy's vehicle" when in reality it was Siz's bike that he had just hot-wired five minutes prior. When the cops arrived asking what had happened, Speedy took off and Siz blamed the shooting on Sal who was running by right at that moment. Despite always being in some kind of trouble, Speedy has a soft spot for Siz.

He is always willing to protect him from any kind of threat, offer him advice, and guide him through whatever crime he may be committing. Speedy was even debating on buying Siz a Brawler, however, Siz had already bought one himself thanks to the Dab discount applied to the order by Al Saab. However, despite Speedy's apparent affection he constantly calls Siz by the derogatory nickname "Jizz" in almost every encounter in which he utters his name and had even initially threatened to brutally murder Siz should he betray him.

This lasted for the remainder of 2. However, Siz was not public about his position within the Vagos even to some of the other Vagos members and his closest friends as he wanted to maintain a low profile about his true association with Speedy and the Vagos. To this end, he only exerted his influence in extraordinary circumstances as a last resort. Historically this was done by showing anyone who gave him trouble the fact that he had keys to Speedy's personal stash house in the Barrio, although he only ever had to do this twice. For the remainder of 2. Yung Dab and his Gnomes believed the Los Santos Police Department was corrupt and unjust, so they organized a plan to force the Department of Justice to wipe clean the records of every criminal in Los Santos.

Yung Dab told Siz to steal a bus and take people on a tour around the state that would end in the parking lot of the Vinewood Racetrack where The Gnomes would take everyone on the bus hostage. Dab told Siz that if he was able to do this he would become apart of his inner circle and officially be a Gnome. Yung Dab also told Siz that the tour had to look as legitimate as possible, and that meant Siz would have to take a bullet to quell any suspicion on his part in their plans. The tour didn't go as smoothly as planned, with many occupants including Siz suffering severe scuffilitis, however, the bus eventually made it to the final stop at the racetrack where the Gnomes were lying in wait.

Siz was ordered off the bus and after a brief argument, he was shot in a non-fatal area as planned. The Gnomes then placed C-4 on the bus and told an occupant to drive as fast as possible around the track. This, however, did not end well as Yung Dab accidentally detonated the explosive prematurely, wounding everyone on the bus, but not causing any fatalities. The Gnomes then had to flee the scene before the police arrived, so they dragged Siz into the parking lot and stuffed him into a white car where he would later be found by EMS.

He was later questioned by the police in the hospital, however, he refused to give up his Step Dab. After he was released from the hospital, he was welcomed into the Gnomes, gaining respect from Gomer , Chang , Jacob , and even Dab himself. Siz was the first person in Los Santos to buy a Coil Brawler , which he was able to purchase after selling numerous ounces of weed, robbing houses, and partaking in bank robberies with his Step Dab. When he purchased it Siz was normally a shy, worrisome man, but with his Brawler he became greedy and fearless, something that earned him a great deal of respect in the world of crime.

The Brawler suffered from multiple interactions with the police but used its great off-road capabilities to its advantage. A prominent example of this was when Siz managed to evade the former "King of the Dirt" Detective Ziggy Buggs in off-road driving, claiming the title for himself. However, Deputy Michael Dias claimed to have taken the title from Siz after he later apprehended him in a chase involving the Brawler despite the chase ending in a city alley and never having gone off-road.

Dias' rule didn't last for long though as Siz reclaimed the title, "King of the Dirt" from Dias after successfully evading him and several other officers by climbing the slopes of Mount Chiliad in the Brawler. His failures have been when he: ran into a boulder on his first chase, ran into a tree later, got cornered in a dead-end alley, wrecked himself on a rock by the railroad tracks near Sandy Shores Airfield , wrecked the Brawler on a jump after foolishly turning around to rescue his pursuing officer Dias by ramming his patrol car back onto its wheels this caused enough damage to the Brawler to wreck it on the next jump it made , when he got his Brawler stuck in an area behind a pool however this resulted in him dying rather than getting caught as he bled out at the bottom of said pool , and most recently when he crashed it after running over a spike-strip and having obscured vision due to taking crack-cocaine However the Brawler did almost evade the pursuing officers for some distance despite running on flat tires.

Although, when played to its strengths correctly at the time the Brawler was able to easily evade the police and had successfully done so in over 10 separate police chases. After attaining a large amount of both wealth and notoriety in Los Santos Siz has become much more antagonistic towards the police more specifically Officers Ziggy and Dias and now actively starts chases for fun rather than just as a means of escape from a crime as he finds the thrill of the chase well worth the possible jail time.

It now sports a non-removable light bar, an improved fording depth, a new engine, and a livery that prominently displays the seal of the HOA. Initially this limited it's use in crime due to the prominent livery on the side that would immediately link whatever he was doing back to the HOA. However, over time the HOA began to care less and less about maintaining a public image with the police and Siz began to regularly use it in jobs. Unfortunately, as he began to do this the HOA Brawler received a government mandated performance update that negatively affected its handling, top speed, and climbing ability. The Brawler thus became a novelty that was quite difficult to control in turns, did not out speed any police vehicle, was further hampered handling wise when used with a tuner chip, and only moderately climbed hills to any degree.

It's only remaining advantage was the auto-correcting landing system, of which meant that it would always land on its tires if used, something Siz often forgot to do in the heat of an escape. Despite it still retaining a limited advantage off-road, Siz began to slowly shift towards road pursuits, an area the Brawler did not excel in and was in fact at a disadvantage due to its poor turn rate. As a result, chases often ended in a crash or with a rare escape to the mountains. Siz also often made the choice to keep chases on the pavement with the Brawler when possible to prevent the officers becoming upset at a constant routine as a similar situation had already occurred with Kraytor and his constant mountain evasion jewelry heists with his dune buggy at the time , where even with its impediments, it still out-shone the average PD cruiser.

Because of Siz's shifting preference to city evasion tactics, he began to abandon use of the Brawler entirely for jobs, preferring instead to use his Subaru or local cars. He was running back to his room to grab something when he saw her and commented on her cute glasses. As he and Dab were about to leave again, he made Dab stop and asked him to go talk to her for him. Being the great Step Dad that he is, Dab went up to Zelda and told her that Siz was having a bad week after being ousted by his family and would appreciate it if she would go on a date with him, to which she agreed, but also said that she would not give him a handjob.

The next day Siz and Zelda met up and went down to the docks to get some ice cream. Right away Siz had surprised her because he "wasn't a basic bitch and taken her to Creampie and made a sexual innuendo about fucking her. At one of the police stations, Siz left Zelda because he heard his car alarm going off. Upon reaching his car, he found the Chang Gang, who were plotting to steal his car. After they left he met up with Zelda again, who was also concerned that they were stealing his car. It was at this point where Siz learned that Zelda doesn't like falls because she always tells him "don't laugh and if you do, keep it to yourself. Sometime later, Zelda took Siz up into the mountains to visit a secret cave that nobody else knew about and remarked on how it's the perfect place to murder someone.

Luckily for Siz, she didn't want to murder him and proceeded to take him down to a large rock by the stream. After Siz told her that he'll jump off of it if she does. After Zelda nearly hit her head on the rock, Siz did a cannonball, however, he wasn't as lucky and slammed his back on the edge of the rock, knocked himself out, and fell into the river. After a brief search, Zelda was able to find Siz and dragged him out of the river. She then proceeded to drive Siz to the hospital via his beloved Brawler, and despite her having little to say about anything, even she admitted: "this car is awesome. She took a brief look around and said that he had a nice place before she said that she had to leave. When Siz went out after her, she was nowhere to be found.

The Last Dab was the final heist conducted by Yung Dab , which led to his arrest and subsequent incarceration for life. After the two figured out what the problem was, Siz called Dab and told him that he had come across another bank card. Dab , however, had already figured out one of the cards and what time-slot they could be used for. Dab then planned to meet Siz and Gomer at the Tuner Shop so the trio could do a heist and allow Siz to do some "smashy smashy" with his Brawler, however, he never showed up. Concerned, Siz called Dab and learned that he was being chased. Siz, being the great stepson that he is, decided that he would intercept the cops that were chasing Dab and ram them.

After spending some time driving all around the city trying to catch up, Dab called Siz telling him that he managed to escape the cops and told him to come to meet him, Gomer , and Mel. Not long after Siz met them a police officer rolled up because unbeknownst to them, a police helicopter had been following Dab the entire time since the start of the chase earlier. Dab drew his AK and forced the officer to drive away, but not even two minutes later police reinforcements arrived, making the group scramble. Dab ran behind Eugene's house, Mel took off into the neighborhood, and Siz and Gomer got in their cars and were ignored by the officers. Bobby Smith of the BCSO pursued Dab while over the radio fellow officers were heard asking "who has the AK" and less than five seconds later Smith bumped into an AK-wielding Dab who gunned him down, however, Smith was able to land a couple of shots into Dab before he went down.

Dab , now bleeding out, crawled into Eugene's house where he was safe from the police but fell unconscious. During all this, Mel was arrested and sentenced to 15 months in prison. Once Dab was treated and Mel was released, the group decided that they wanted to go big and go on a crime spree, starting with the jewelry store and then moving onto the big bank. The plan was that Dab would provide overwatch, Mel and Gomer would grab the goods, and Siz would ram the cops and do a drive-by.

The plan started out well with Siz distracting the cops while the others peppered them with rounds, however, an officer was able to get onto an adjacent roof and took out Dab. The chance of success was further diminished when Siz unknowingly shot Gomer and Mel in a drive-by and was then shot by a security guard himself. During that time Mel and Dab were arrested and Gomer was rescued by a friend of his, however, he was knocked unconscious. Zelda stashed Siz's car behind some shipping crates and took him to Grandma's house, where they ran into Gomer and his friend.

Siz then introduced Zelda as Sam so that they didn't know her real identity, something that she appreciated. She would then bring him to the clothing store so that he could lose his disguise and then brought him to his home. On the way, Siz told her that he met with her brother and that he passed on his message, which Zelda seemed pleased to hear. They also engaged in various small talk, suggesting that the pair had become more accustomed to each other. Sometime later Siz learned that he had a warrant and that Dab had been arrested and was currently being held at the police station. Siz then disguised himself as Paul Deeznutsio , Attorney at Law so he could see his Step Dab , however, he never got close, the moment he walked into the station he was detained and searched before being told off and sent on his way.

A short time later, Siz decided he was going to join his Step Dab and get himself imprisoned, so he drove to the police station in hopes of being chased and later arrested, but no officers would pursue him. Siz then encountered Jacob outside of the station, taking him into his Brawler and then proceeding to have a discussion while driving around the city. Jacob revealed that he planned to get revenge for the Gnomes by committing large-scale terrorism across the city, starting with supplying burner phones to criminals and working up to C-4 attacks, he also stated that he wanted Siz to be involved potentially alluding to him wishing for Siz to follow his Step Dab's footsteps and become the next Gnome.

Jacob also asked Siz, "are you fucking my sister" Griselda Harth , which Siz denied, but he did admit that they had gone on dates and that she had saved his life twice. Jacob then told Siz that he had better treat her nicely as she does not like getting hurt, to which Siz replied that he would never willingly hurt her. After returning Jacob to his car at the police station, Siz returned to his home where he spent multiple days depressed over the arrest of his Step Dab.

After a few days mourning over the imprisonment of Dab , Siz finally decided it was time to go back out into the world. Upon opening his phone, he noticed he received texts from Shaw , Mother , and Erin , all asking him if he was alright to which he responded no. He then paid his rent so that he didn't have to cry himself to sleep in his Brawler. After stopping to get some burgers, he then texted Zelda "Hi" to see if she was around. Siz later met Uncle Buck , Detective Chang , and others at the diner next to the Pink Cage; Buck then briefly caught up with Siz, with the latter telling Buck about Dab's arrest and his own warrant.

Buck told Siz that he could do whatever he wanted to do and should focus on bigger things. After Buck went to bed, Siz decided he was going to burgle some houses in hopes of getting some goodies that he could use in future crimes. Gomer explained that Dab had ratted himself out to the cops and told them that he was The Gnome. This resulted in Dab being charged with the hundreds of criminal acts he committed over his time in Los Santos and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Siz became emotional but managed to keep it together and decided to do what Step Dab would want him to do: crime.

Gomer then informed Siz that a small handful of people could make thermite, which can be used to quickly rob banks. The two then went their own ways, with Siz determined to get his hands on thermite. Sometime later after being jailed once again, Siz asked the sky for a sign from Yung Dab during a depressive craze. Dab responded from the depths of the jail, behind multiple vault gates in a soft voice Siz could barely understand. The message was, " load the cocaine. Siz and Zelda's second date started out with the latter taking pictures of various banks around the island. The two then drove around the island: visiting a giant dinosaur, sitting on an exhaust chimney shaped like a volcano , taking dirt paths through the mountains, and even climbed a hill overlooking the power plant where Zelda took even more pictures.

Throughout the road trip, Siz got hungry and ate whatever he could find laying around including garbage and paint chips in Zelda's car. When Zelda questioned Siz about his willingness to eat trash, Siz responded that "one man's trash is another man's treasure. At one point the paint chips and garbage he ate, plus the volcano fumes shot up his ass upset his colon so much that he almost ended up shitting himself, but he managed to restrain it to an audibly loud fart which forced Zelda to drive him to his house so he could blow out his bowels. The two also talked much more frequently than they did on the first date. The conversations were much more personal, with the two admitting that they like each other, and later sharing a moment while overlooking the prison.

Also, at one point Zelda informed Siz that people were hunting him down so they could kill them, however, she told them not to. She later questioned if this even mattered because natural selection may take him away from her anyways. Siz and Zelda's third date was much more action-packed than the previous two dates, but it still contained a few sweet moments. The date started with Siz telling Zelda about Ravi the scammer , and after hearing about him, Zelda suggested they run him over in order to teach him a lesson.

After a while, Zelda was finally able to convince the scammer to meet her in an alleyway, where Siz would then slam into him with his Brawler. The plan, however, didn't go as smoothly as planned since the scammer noticed Siz lying in wait, however, Siz was eventually able to ram the scammer Ravi multiple times, knocking him unconscious. After teaching the scammer a lesson, the two-headed to the Pink Cage.

While there, Zelda told Siz that if they are on a date he has to ask her first otherwise they are just hanging out. Siz, doing exactly what his Step Dab would do, shoots his shot and asked if she would like to go on a date, to which she said yes but also explained that she doesn't do handjobs and that she doesn't like watching the sunset or hanging out on the beach. After the tsunami hit, the two traveled to a construction site, where Siz found and stole a bulldozer.

Siz told Zelda that he had to use the bulldozer "to make a statement" believing the cops to be corrupt and even more cocky since Dab's life sentence. As he slowly made his way to the police department Zelda passed him and told him that he is an actual idiot, but he forged on to honor his Step Dab. He then used the bulldozer to wreck a parked police car at Mission Row and took the responding officers on a chase through the area around Mission Row, disabling several more cruisers until he was shot by Deputy Dias.

Siz was then brought to the hospital where he witnessed Zelda verbally murder Deputy Dias. Siz was then arrested and was facing an month sentence, however, since Siz is such a stand-up guy, his sentence was reduced to 40 months. While in prison, Siz spoke to Speedy on the phone and learned that he is going to be promoted within the gang. He also spoke with Zelda and learned that she saw the entire incident with the bulldozer and that he had impressed her.

Zelda explained to Siz that his Step Dab would be proud of him and Siz then cried in the rain and had resolved to carry out Dab's legacy. After growing and selling copious amounts of weed in addition to robbing many banks both big and small , Siz managed to amass a large amount of cash, respect, and property. This caused him to shift priorities, placing his and the community's enjoyment over his prior goal of simply attaining more money.

In addition to intentionally starting chases with the police and wantonly committing crimes Siz decided to enter the world of weapons dealing through Erin Cox Gomer to a lesser extent and Jacob as Siz saw that it was difficult for the lesser citizens of Los Santos to acquire weapons as the prices for said weapons were inflated and the ability to find them was difficult for new players.

At first, Siz sold from his prior stash of weapons mostly pistols with a few bullpup shotguns along with some deliveries of compact rifles he bought off of Gomer. After Siz offloaded these weapons to various customers he then began receiving instructions about gathering orders for his secret supplier a person who was whitelisted on the server to spawn in gun deliveries who told UberHaxorNova and other streamers he worked with to keep his identity a secret from their audiences to prevent metagaming that was already delivering guns to Erin. However, while Siz was able to find a customer in Speedy the supplier's prices were extremely overpriced when compared to the street prices for the corresponding weapons.

This caused great distress to Siz as he was trying to open up a means for the people of Los Santos to easily obtain weapons, not trying to exploit their desperation. After discussing this fact with Gomer , he walked away from the conversation with the hope that Gomer would become his supplier so that he could sell weapons at a reasonable price. Although, as it turned out his supplier had seemingly been out-competed by other people's ability to: at first receive weapons at the docks through the Wizard and Pixerium and then by the ability to craft weapons using crates.

At around the same time that weapon crafting was introduced to the state Jacob approached Siz and informed him of his plans to shift the Family's weapons dealing to weapon's manufacturing, even showing him a new property that would becoming their storefront under the auspiciousness of an electronics store which used to be the purpose for Siz's house [despite the fact that they never followed up on the idea]. After discovering that his supplier fell through, along with government changes eliminating weapon crafting, Siz decided to liquidate his weapon inventory save for several pistols for personal use and various other weapons he was simply unable to offload.

After taking a two-week vacation to Japan to attend MarioCon UberHaxorNova took a two-week hiatus from GTA RP to play Mario Maker 2 and to move to Oregon Siz returned and transitioned into selling crack and cocaine in addition to weed and weapons, now with Speedy as his new class two supplier and later his surrogate sister Vivi as his pistol connect. Siz did not actively seek buyers as he: already had an extensive list of potential buyers at his disposal, was usually too busy with other activities to dedicate time to finding others, and made enough money off of other ventures to not be too concerned over pushing as much weapons as possible instead letting the opportunities "fall into his lap" as one might say.

His most prominent customers were initially the Leanbois and Vagos , with him selling several large weapon orders to them in the past. He was even approached by several people, including Rahme El-Rahman of the Chang Gang to act as a middle man in their weapons deals. However, in all of these Siz had either: essentially sidestepped the person making him the offer by already having an ongoing deal with their supplier effectively making him a fellow salesman of their product with the same profit margins or has declined to follow up on the offers due to higher prices than that of his current supplier, Speedy.

By the summer of Siz had largely gotten out of the class 2 market and instead got into contact with the Lost MC the main Heavy Pistol connect for the state and had arranged an agreement by which himself and other members of the HOA would become their pushers. Siz still occasionally purchased class 2's for both members of the HOA who requested specific weapons and personal use from Speedy , but not for resale. In December of this arrangement with the Lost came to a close after they were raided and exposed by the police as the Heavy Pistol connect. This was further complicated by an apparent list of every single one of their pushers being found in said raid placing Siz and the HOA in danger.

As a result, the entire state lost their source of Heavy Pistols and Siz angrily declared to Lost leader Rudi Rinsen in jail that their organizations' business arrangement was finished regardless of how their sentencing turned out. Deputy Michael Dias and Siz had a special relationship ever since they first met. Siz was the only person who had consistently offered Dias any sort of challenge during his police work with the former evading a pursuing Dias a number of times , this had created a sort of intense rivalry between the two mainly for the title of "King of the Dirt. Novavax NVAX closed the most recent trading day at 3. The Super Stock Screener is very powerful because it allows you to add our Stock Ratings to your filter criteria.

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